Pogi Points by Stanley Chi

Pogi Points Stanley Chi

Manila Bulletin cartoonist and a stand up comedian Stanley Chi has really gone a long way.  I just heard that he made over Php 2 million worth for his books in just one year!  It must be due to his two bestselling Suplado Tips humor book series.  But my golly!  That’s two freakin’ million pesoses!!!  Considering his book only costs less than a Php 100, it definitely says a lot about his success.  It shouldn’t be surprising because my book reviews about Suplado Tips and the follow-up Suplado Tips 2 have many page visits.

That said, Stanley Chi is on the roll!  This time, he launched his newest book, Pogi Points, ‘The not-so-gentleman’s guide to looking good’.  Guess what?  Pogi Points was sold out only a few days after hitting the shelves last September 2012 and has gone reprinting.  Wow!

Pogi Points is a book about being handsome versus looking good.  Basically, it strives to help the love life of guys – despite having average looks.  The book has compiled tips on how to get ahead in love through strategic behavior.  It teaches a naïve boy on how to act around a girl he admires.  Stanley Chi had written Pogi Points in a fun way, using his humor to drive the message across.  Believe me, I’m a girl and those pointers that Chi shared in the book are real and MUST be taken into heart.  The author must have gone through a lot with regards to serenading women, haha!

Here are some of my favorites:

  • “Kung nakipag-date ka sa babae at umuwi siya ng maaga, ibig sabihin nun… nagsisisi na siya kung bakit siya pumayag makipag-date sayo!”
  • katangian ng mga taong pinupulot sa kangkungan: (1) babaero (2) manyak (3) bastos (4) mayabang at feelingero (5) walang respeto sa babae.
  • Pogi Profile –> Confident (kailangan may bilib sa sarili; hassle makipagusap sa lalakeng nagse-self-pity.  Iba ang confident sa mayabang!
  • sa date, dapat lalake ang nagbabayad sa bill.  kahit mag-0ffer pa ang girl, huwag mo siyang pagbabayarin.
  • kung naging jowa mo na ang babaeng nililigawan mo, maging consistent ka.

Aside from tips on how to score pogi points, the book has photo comic strips featuring Filipino cosplayers, relationship facts, trivia about male looks, how to court religious women, how to court tsinoy women and self-help lists on how to look and feel good.

Here’s what Stanley had to say about Pogi Points:

Ang pagiging gwapo, inborn; ang pagiging pogi, napag-aaralan (Being handsome is inborn; being pogi is something you can learn)

You must be wondering?  What is the difference between Chi’s Suplado Tips series and Pogi Points?  I’ve read all three books.  I must say that Suplado Tips is all about guys being more confident about themselves while Pogi Points is for guys who are in love or in search for the girl of their dreams.  Net, Suplado is to know how to act around people in general while Pogi is to know how to act around the opposite sex.  If you are both ‘suplado’ and ‘pogi’, then you are on your way to be cool (like Stanley, LOL!).

Pogi Points Stanley Chi Book

Want to get your hands on the increasingly popular book: Pogi Points?  Then head on over to your favorite bookstore and grab a copy now.  You might thank yourself for that bookstore trip when you get the love of your life!  You even get a bonus of a certificate and a card!

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