My New Red Hair by Tinette & Co. Salon Professionals

My New Red Hair by Tinette & Co Salon Professionals

I was browsing through Twitter like I usually do.  Then I saw a post wherein Tinette & Co. (@TinetteCo) was holding a contest in celebration of the opening of their newest branch in San Antonio Plaza, Forbest Park.  Interested tweeps just had to reply to the tweet with a picture of their own.  I do not usually join contests as I do not want to flood my followers with contest entries.  However, that day, I wanted to take the chance so I responded with a photo of mine.  Guess what?  After two weeks, I got a tweet that I won the prize!  How cool is that?

Last Valentine’s day, I decided to claim my prize at Tinette & Co. Salon Professionals.  I was given an option to choose any hair treatment that I want.  Since I’ve been itching to have red hair (which I failed to achieve last year), I choose that plus, haircut & bleaching.  While I love my previous hairstyle, I’ve grown to be more adventurous!  So this time around, I went crazy & experimental!

I arrived around 10:30AM and was shocked as to how full the salon was on a weekday!  I thought why would they even hold a contest if they are already successful?

Tinette & Co Ambience

My hairstylist told me that the owner, Tinette Ozamiz-Puyat, is a very humble lady.  While everyone around her was telling her how famous and successful she is, she still felt otherwise.  I was lucky enough to meet her that day and she personally congratulated me for winning her contest.  I was honored to meet her and to be able to get a hair makeover from Tinette & Co. Salon Professionals for free!


Tinette & Co Salon Professionals has been successful in the business for over a decade now.  It has been several families’ go-to-place for beauty and pampering.  Her first branch was in Pasong Tamo and now, she has two babies: the one in Forbeswood Heights, Taguig and the one I went to, San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park.

I heard she owes her success to her in-depth training.  She studied hair and cosmetology at different international schools.  Plus, she continues to take refresher courses to keep herself updated with new trends.  Tinette & Co. Salon Professionals has great stylists but if you want Tinette herself to do the haircut, you can set an appointment by calling their hotline.

Okay, so back to my hair makeover… I was initially thinking of getting a hair color+ perm but unfortunately, those two hair treatments can’t be done at the same time.  So I said, okay, let’s be bold!  I’ll go for short hair and I want my hair to be colored red (real red!).

Pachit, my hairstylist, followed my wishes literally!  I’m extremely happy with my new hairdo!  I even have more than 100+ likes in my personal Facebook Page for my new hair photo, hehehe!

Tinette & Co Before

First up, Pachit cut my hair (Php 700+).  I think I lost about 5 inches of my hair.  Well, I’ll be able to grow them again so no worries.  I also feel that cutting my hair short will make look younger!  I never really worry about my age but it’s just that everyone’s so young around me so I have to catch up.  I can’t change my age but at least, I can change my look 😛

Tinette & Co Haircut

I wanted my hair color red.  This time around, I did not want to accept any more advice that my hair could be damaged or it would be hard to manage.  For me, I just wanted to have real red hair at least once in my life.  So what the Tinette & Co. team did was to apply a milder bleach to my hair.

Tinette & Co Bleaching

My hair reacted so quickly with the bleach that I ended up having blonde hair after a few minutes.  My gosh, I was that shocked!

Tinette & Co Shampoo

Tinette & Co Bleach

I can conclude that blonde hair is not for me!  Hahaha!  At least I was able to experience it for a few minutes, but boy, having hair that is of the same colour as your skin is a no-no.  I told them to apply the red colour to my hair ASAP.  I can’t stand to look at myself so ugly! 😀

Tinette & Co Roch Blonde Hair

Justin showed me the color they would apply to my hair.  I loved it!  I felt it was perfect.  It was exactly what I have been envisioning since I’ve thought of having my hair color changed.  Red is my favorite colour.  Almost all of my things are colored red: my bags, iPad case, iPhone case and even my car!  So my choice of color for my hair is a very obvious for people who know me.

Tinette & Co Color Selection

Tinette & Co Red Shade

After Justin & Ron applied color to my hair (Php 1,650+), they also put keratin conditioning treatment (Php 625+).  They said that it would protect my hair since there were too many chemicals applied to it.  I was also advised to get treatment at least every quarter so that my hair won’t be damaged.

Tinette & Co Applying Red Color

There’s a big difference in wishing for something and having it in reality.  I was surprised when I saw myself in the mirror.  I then doubted myself if red hair color would really suit me.  I feel like I’m an oldie trying to be a teenager.  I was scared of people’s reactions.

But then, after everything’s done.  I saw myself and said, “wow!  I looked different!”.  I welcome this change and I will stick to it!  Luckily, everyone thought that my complete hair change suits me!

I’m super happy and I’m truly thankful to Pachit, Justin & Ron for patiently working on my hair for 4.5 hours!  It was worth it because everyone loved it!  I super love it!  Apart from looking so different, I also feel like a renewed person.  This hair makeover do have a large impact on me!

Tinette & Co with Pachit

I definitely followed Tinette & Co. Salon Professionals’ tagline:

Don’t be a fish out of water!  Get hooked on looking good and feeling great!

and I didn’t regret it!  Thanks again Tinette & Co. Salon Professionals!  This is definitely not going to be my last visit to your salon 🙂

Tinette & Co. Salon Professionals
G/F San Antonio Plaza McKinley Road, Forbes Park Village, Makati City

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