Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Iron Man 3 is definitely the most anticipated movie last weekend.  When I went to the mall to check out the cinemas, there weren’t even other movies being shown apart from Iron Man 3.  Guess what?  We even had to queue for half an hour just to be able to purchase tickets.  When we finally got to the ticket counter, the next 2 showing times were already fully booked.  We had to wait for 7 hours before we can watch the movie.  Were all those hassle worth it?  Hell yeah!

I must say that Iron Man 3 is the best Iron Man movie yet!  It blew my mind and definitely exceeded my expectations.  While I loved the storyline, the action scenes and the comedy, it was Robert Downey, Jr. who made me love and enjoy Iron Man 3 thoroughly!

Downey must have been the most charismatic actor in Hollywood.  In spite of us seeing Iron Man on the big screen four times, we never get tired of the character.  He portrayed Tony Stark brilliantly.  In this movie, Stark had a lot to go through, to the point that he was traumatised.  But you know what?  In spite of that, Robert Downey Jr. was effective in showing those emotions and still keeping the same comedic quality.

Robert Downey Jr. is the star of Iron Man 3 and I must say that he was the biggest reason why the movie is successful.  However, other stars were so great as well and were perfect supporting cast.  Celebrities like Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, and even Gwyneth Paltrow were awesome!  Gwyneth was given a bigger role this time with Pepper Potts joining the action.  She was gorgeous, sexy and definitely kicked some ass out there!

I also liked how Iron Man 3 focuses on Tony Stark versus Iron Man.  We get to see Downey’s handsome face a lot in the film.  The way they changed how Stark wears his costume is something that you should be looking forward to!

Iron man learns a valuable lesson in Iron Man 3 and you have to watch out for that.  With Tony Stark’s world destroyed by the enemy, he had to depend on his own instincts and devices in order to survive and save his loved ones.  Through that journey, Tony Stark is starting to realise what is most important to him.  The ending would really put a smile to your face 🙂

Oh, and you have to wait for the after credits…. you’ll enjoy the small surprise from the playboy/billionaire/genius/philanthropist Tony Stark and a special guest 😉

My rating for Iron Man 3: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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2 observations on “Iron Man 3 Movie Review
  1. skysenshi

    I wonder why people haven’t learned their lessons about Marvel’s end credits. Palagi nalang may umaalis ng sinehan as soon as the credits roll.


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