Vietura at Sofitel Manila

Vietura at Sofitel Manila

Apart from the news that Sofitel had a huge renovation of the hotel, comes a new aesthetic lifestyle center named Vietura.  Vietura is a great place to visit at Sofitel Manila.  I’m not saying this just because it’s new but because I experienced it myself and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Vie is the French word for life while Tura is a Latin word for natural.  There is a whole lot of meaning to that name.  Vietura’s ambience and services are all connected to nature and life.

When I entered Vietura, I was immediately greeted by beautiful smiles from the staff.

Vietura Sofitel Reception

I also noticed the vertical garden which is composed of real plants.  It made a lot of sense considering the name Vietura which means we are in commune with nature.

Vietura opened last March 2013.  It is an aesthetic lifestyle center that introduces a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness.  It’s about going beyond cutting corners and quick fixes with non-invasive procedures that still present you with results that satisfy your goals.  Vietura is about finding the interconnection between aesthetic procedures, integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching.  In short, Vietura is really about us.  Whatever we really need or want to feel, Vietura is there to fulfill it.

The ambience 

Vietura Sofitel Hallway

Vietura has three Consultation rooms, nine Treatment rooms, two Colonics rooms, two IV rooms, two Doctor’s rooms and one Dental room.  The colors are all neutral which means that Vietura is not only catering to a certain gender.  Everyone would feel at home and comfortable while having their treatments at Vietura.

Even the room names have a certain meaning!  I loved it!

Vietura Sofitel Room Names

Consistent to the design of the whole place, each room has a vertical garden.  I just love the ambience.  Being inside Vietura is like vacationing in a beautiful place of nature.  It’s so relaxing and I love the things that I see!

Vietura Sofitel Rooms

According to the manager that I talked to, Vietura taps into our five senses:

  • sight – neutral colours, beautiful lighting, vertical garden, clean interiors
  • hearing – peaceful and quiet
  • taste – welcome drink which I really loved (more to that at the latter part of my post)
  • smell – special aroma inside Vietura
  • touch – soothing touch

My Vietura Experience

I tried out Resolift/Resodepth, a 15-minute procedure that uses electrodes to tighten the skin on the face.  I’m not really into facials but I gave it a try.

Vietura Sofitel Resolift Room

I was asked if I want to have juice or tea.  However, I was lucky enough to have tried both the blooming tea or blueberry sensation and I loved each one!  My golly, I wish I can make those for myself!

Vietura Sofitel Juice Tea

The Vietura technician then asked me to wear the Vietura wardrobe and lie down on my back at the bed.  She asked me to put the metal thingy under my knee.  The metal has to touch the skin for the resolift machine to work.

Vietura Sofitel Metal

She then started the procedure by putting cream on my face and using the machine to spread it out.  The feeling was warm but it was manageable.

Vietura Sofitel Resolift

Halfway through the procedure, the technician asked me to look into the mirror and see the difference between the two sides of my face.  Apparently, she applied it on one half of my face first for me to appreciate its effect.

Vietura Sofitel Compare

At the latter part of resodepth, my face was wiped clean.

Vietura Sofitel Resolift Experience

I definitely feel refreshed.  Of course, I was positive that I had a clean face.  That was a good 15 minutes.

Vietura Sofitel Roch

If you brought a friend with you who is planning to just wait for you to finish treatment, they can have a soothing experience while waiting at the Vietura lounge.  Vietura really thought of everything that could satisfy their client.

Vietura Sofitel Lounge

There are a lot more that I appreciate about Vietura:

  1. You can check out and pay inside the room.  How convenient isn’t it?
  2. There is a secret exit for clients who do not want to be spotted availing aesthetic treatments.
  3. Vietura is good for both male and female.  The ambience of the place definitely proved it so.
  4. You can book any of the treatments prior to visiting Vietura.  Once you arrive, you can go straight to your room.

Vietura is not our usual beauty center.  You get pampered just the way you like it.  There are currently promos ongoing at Vietura which are really tempting: Laser Hair Removal at almost 90% off and Mesocellulite for Legs at 50% off.

Visit Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle Center’s website for the complete list of services.

Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle
G/F Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila, CCP complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
+63-2-5515555 extension 1656, 1658

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