Case-Mate is now in the Philippines!

Case-Mate Philippines

You might have noticed that I make it a point to get myself a case for every gadget that I purchase.  Considering the cost of those electronic gadgets, it makes a lot of sense to buy a case that would protect them for normal wear and tear.  It would prolong the life of the gadget and of course, gives us a sense of security that our beloved gadget is protected.

There a lot of well known brands that makes good cases.  One of them is Case-Mate.  And you know what?  The best news?  Case-Mate is now in the Philippines!

Case-Mate will have a grand launch of the brand, as well as the opening of its first kiosk!  The big celebration will be between July 19-21, 2013.

So you don’t need to order overseas anymore if you love Case-Mate!  You can go ahead and visit its first concept kiosk located at the 4th floor Cyberzone, SM Annex, SM City North Edsa in Quezon City.

Case-Mate Kiosk

Case-mate crafted (take note of the word craft, Case-mate consider themselves crafting cases and not making cases) different lines of cases that caters to a specific lifestyle.  Apart from that, Case-mate has partnered with popular gadget manufacturers to ensure that Case-mate products are fit for each device.  Those brands include HTC, Apple, Samsung, Sony & Blackberry.

  • Glam series for the female fashionistas that can dazzle and sparkle day or night.
  • Creatures collection for the young and playful, nothing looks more cute and adorable.
  • Men’s collection evoke a look of modern and natural sophistication.
  • Brushed Aluminum series impress with a blend of metallic, sporty look and sleek luxurious feel.
  • Woods series to be as exotic and distinct as the premium hardwood which goes into every Case-mate cases.
  • Carbon Fiber series to create handsome aesthetics and complement your high-performance automobiles with the technologically advanced lightweight fibers used by Formula One race cars and luxury automobiles.
  • Tough series collection for the ones that live in an active lifestyle.

Starting July 19, consumers can now see and try the vast selection of Cast-Mate cases for their gadgets.  There will be promos from Case-mate from time to time.  In fact, to celebrate the opening of Case-Mate in the Philippines, selected cases will be at 80% off from July 19-21, 2013!

Case Mate Sale

Cool news, right? 🙂

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