The Conjuring Movie Review

I told myself that I won’t watch any horror movies anymore after Evil Dead.  But what do I know?  I couldn’t say no to a friend especially when that person made a cute little plea.  I guess some people do really have that strong sense of commitment of not watching The Conjuring after hearing so many feedback that it was so damn scary.  My friend didn’t have anyone to watch the film with.  I watched the film out of friendship.  I knew that I will end up having sleepless nights if The Conjuring end up to be a good horror flick.  Hayyy…. the things I do for my friends 🙂

The Conjuring is based on a true story.  The Warrens (played by Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga) are paranormal investigators.  They came to help the Perron couple (Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor) & their 5 kids who are experiencing disturbing events in their new home in Harrisville, Rhode Island.  This was way back 1971.  The Conjuring is a classic story of ghosts and demons.  The different scary scenes are things that can really happen in our lives (or the film made us imagine that those eerie things might actually happen!).  Haunted house type of horror isn’t something new but what separates the Conjuring from the rest of the horror flicks is that the film didn’t overdo it.  There were no gory stuff at all.  The filmmakers executed the movie perfectly!

The Conjuring already scared the heck out of me even from the first ten minutes of the movie.  The scare continued scene per scene until the end of the movie.  Yes, I could have gotten myself a heart attack.  I screamed and jumped from my seat several times.  It was embarrassing!

The Conjuring stays with you for a while.  In fact, after 1.5 weeks, I continue to sleep when the sun is already up, my bedroom lights open, and TV open.  I wonder when I can get over it.

So if you end up being curious about the Conjuring, you are warned.  The movie is too good, too well-acted, and story well-played.  Watching it inside a moviehouse will make it more horrific.  Watch at your own risk and oh, better go to the washroom first because I don’t think you’d ever want to leave your seat and go to the washroom all alone.

Let’s play hide-and-seek *creepy*!

My Rating for The Conjuring: 5 out of 5 stars

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2 observations on “The Conjuring Movie Review
  1. Euri

    I’ve seen it, di naman nakakatakot. I was kinda expecting more form it due to the reviews I’ve read. But it was a goood movie altogether.

  2. omnipotent_juan

    Being it a true story makes it more “nakakatakot”. Mas creepier kung nag stay sila sa original na itchura ng Annabell doll. It’s harmless look makes it more ominous.


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