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Contractubex Scar Gel

It has been a year since I fell badly on a concrete cement during a friend’s wedding ceremony.  On the first day itself, I got myself Contractubex Gel to put on my big wound.  Contractubex’ commercial with Maricar Reyes were airing that time so it got stuck in my mind that the product will heal scars effectively.  I’ve been using it since for eight straight months.  I’ve been religiously putting it on three to four times a day and sometimes more.

From then on, the wound lightened.  However, it didn’t go away.  I wondered what went wrong.  Do I need to wait for years for it to heal?  Is Contractubex ineffective?  Why does it look like this?  It definitely improved from last year but my knee looks like sh*t :'(

Contractubex scar

When I got an email invite for a Contractubex event, I couldn’t say no.  It was a perfect opportunity for me to talk to the people distributing the product.  I wanted to ask them how the product really works, why my scar does not heal, and if I’m applying contractubex wrongly.

I met Dr. Librojo in the event.  She’s an avid supporter of Contractubex and have been recommending the product to all her patients who has scars.  I listened intently to her speech where she shared what a scar is, the different types of scars, how some scars heal and some don’t, why Contractubex is a good product to use for scars, and how Contractubex should be applied to wounds.

Contractubex doctor

Different Types of Scars

  • Raised or Hypertropic Scar – confined to the area of the original skin injury; forms after the healing of the wound and is caused by overproduction of connective tissue fibers; tends to bulge and protrude above level of surrounding skin.
  • Keloid – also results from overproduction of connective tissue fibers and tend to bulge above the level of the surrounding skin beyyond the original wound edges.

Net, among those two types of scars, you wouldn’t wanna have keloids because it’s ugly and it doesn’t regress by themselves.  With that talk, I understood that the scar I have on my knee is a combination of hypertropic and keloid.  That explains why I have a few ugly spots on my scar (they are keloids).  It definitely broke my heart because I know that I won’t be able to have complete flawless skin because of that scar 🙁

I made due diligence by putting on Contractubex gel so I’m still lucky.  If not, it would have been more ugly.  I had a talk with Dr. Librojo after the event and she told me upfront that the only way for me to remove that scar completely is to have surgery.  When she said surgery, it’s getting skin from another part of my body then putting it on my knee.  Errr.. no thank you.  She also didn’t recommend that.  The kind doctor asked me to continue putting on Contractubex because the outer sides of my scar can still be lightened by the product.

At least, that part is cleared.  Contractubex gel is NOT a scar eraser.  Contractubex gel is a scar doctor and I can attest to that.  My scar definitely lightened.  I restarted applying Contractubex again on my scar.  Hopefully, it’ll improve more especially the part that can be healed.  *Crossing my fingers*.

Apart from being able to get my questions answered, I got a bonus!  I ended up seeing my girl crush in person!

contractubex models

She’s Maricar Reyes.  Ever since I saw her on TV, I am just so awed (& probably jealous) at her beauty.  So when she entered the event, I was completely starstruck!  hahaha!  Maricar, along with 2 other Contractubex endorsers shared their success stories in using the product on their scars.

If you’re like me who experienced an accident and ended up with a scar, Contractubex gel is a good product to use.  I used that on mine and I don’t know any other product that specializes on scars.  With a lot of good testimonials shared during the event and also, my very own experience with the product, I believe that Contractubex gel is effective in treating scars.  It might not erase scars but it definitely help ease the ugly look of it.

contractubex scar doctor

Contractubex – anti-scar gel that helps lighten, flatten and soften scars.  It also helps make the scar smoother and more pliable.

Contains 3 complementary active ingredients:

  1. extractum cepae (special onion extract) has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal properties and prevents formation of excessive scar tissue.
  2. heparin softens the tissue structure, has anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and hydrating properties.
  3. allantoin promotes wound healing, hydrates the skin and has a soothing effect which helps relieve the itching often associated with scar formation.

How to use Contractubex:

  1. rub from the center to the edges of the scar.
  2. massage for around 2 minutes
  3. for bext results, apply 3-4 times a day and put pressure plaster.

Depending on the degree and size of the existing scar or contracture, treatment will be necessary for several weeks.  Good results can be achieved after consistent application for at least 3 months.  You can continue the treatment up to a year, if necessary.

Contractubex is available in drugstores here in the Philippines.  The 10 gram-gel is sold at Php 550 while the 20 gram-gel is sold at Php 970.  I usually get the 20-gram as I have a big scar and I foresee to use it for several months more.  Plus, you save money when you get bigger pack.

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5 observations on “Move On with Contractubex
  1. Reeta

    Hi. Yun po bang image ng scar sa taas yun ba yung scar mo after 8 months of using contractubex? I got my scar from motor accident last september. 2 months na po ako nagaapply ng contractubex and i think it doesnt work. My scar looks the same 🙁

  2. steven

    it’s not effective. i feel itch in my scars every time i use it. i just waste my money for buying that.


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