Strengthening my Spiritual Journey

Life Study of the Bible

I have been a Christian for over a year now.  However, if you ask me any verses from the Bible, I can’t even mention a single one.  I haven’t even read one-fourth of the whole book.  I feel ashamed.  I did try to read once in a while but I never really followed through.

In the past week, while I was nursing myself at my home, I reflected on a lot of things.  I realised I need to realign my priorities and fix them.  What is really important to me?  Is it my career? my health? my family? my gadgets? my blog? my spiritual journey? my friends?

It dawned on me.  It’s not really about me or anyone but about our God, our Lord..

While it has been over a year, I’m still a baby Christian.  I love the Lord, I believe in Him, I have faith in Him but I don’t do much to know Him more and to include Him in my daily life.

So today, I started to read His word through the Bible.  It has always been a struggle for me to understand the stories inside the book.  I feel that the words used in the Bible are just too deep & hard for laymen to understand. If I push myself to just read it, I think I won’t be able to absorb anything.  The only way for me to be effective in this journey is to read through a life study of the Bible.  The church I’m in has excellent resources available online.

I went to http://www.ministrybooks.org/reading/index.cfm and signed myself up for a scheduled daily read.  It will take me almost 6 years to finish but hey, spending time with the Lord is the most fulfilling thing in the whole wide world!

Life Study of the Bible

There are a bunch of chapters in every Life study Book.  I started with Life Study of Genesis today and I intend to continue this study.  I hope and pray that I will be able to sustain it this time.  Please pray for me!

Life Study Genesis iBooks

The Life study books are also available via iSilo, Kindle or iBooks.  Since I’m always online, I opted to use the free resource available in the ministry website 🙂

Living Stream Ministries ePub Books

I started the day so well that I was able to enjoy the rest of my Sunday!  I’m loving this habit already.

Life Study of the Bible Finished Day 1

P.S. Thanks sioti Mark for the wonderful doodle!

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One observation on “Strengthening my Spiritual Journey
  1. JanKarloCamero

    It is nice to know that a fellow Christian is seeking to know our God. Keep up the faith!
    Where do you go to Church? You can join cell groups, i find that immersing myself to people is a more effective way to learn about Jesus. 🙂


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