I discovered Tamarind through a group buying site.  They were selling coupons for 40%.  Since I have a monthly lunch out with my former teammates, I asked them if we can all avail of the discount for one of our luncheons.

A few weeks ago, we decided to use our coupons and visited Tamarind for the first time.  The place definitely looked like a high-class Thai restaurant even though the Thai theme isn’t that obvious.  Considering SM Aura was positioned to be a high class mall, I guess Tamarind took that challenge and designed their place as such.

Tamarind Ambiance

I didn’t know that Tamarind was created by the owners of Jatujak, and only found out when I read about it.  A few years ago, I tried out Jatujak.  I wished they would open somewhere near Makati or Taguig.  Guess my wish was granted!

This time, they rebranded Jatujak and made it Tamarind.  While the menu is the same, and the place looked much more elegant, it came with a price —> higher menu prices to be exact!

The food tasted as good though.  I will definitely be back.

  • Sampler Appetizer (Php 252)

Tamarind Appetizer Platter

Since we wanted to have a taste of everything, we ordered a sampler appetizer.  An order of it includes 2 pieces each of fried pork spring rolls, fresh vegetable spring rolls, and shrimp cake.  However, Tamarind ran out of fresh vegetable rolls that day so they offered to replace it with fried vegetable rolls.  Well, we didn’t have any choice, right?

Among the three appetisers, the shrimp cake was the best!  I wish we could have more but we had a lot more dishes to indulge to.

  • Tom Yum Goong (Php 308)

Tamarind Tom Yum Goong

We chose to have the Tom yum shrimp with mild spices.  Tom yum goong is my favourite Thai soup.  I think I won’t ever dare to try any other Thai soup unless they are given to me for free.  Because if I have to spend money, I’d rather order something that I’m sure I will love.  And Tom yum goong?  Guaranteed winner for me!  Tamarind definitely didn’t disappoint.

  • Fried Rice with Crabmeat (Php 216)

Tamarind Crab Fried Rice

It was either crab fried rice or bagoong fried rice.  But I just missed eating crabs so I requested that we order crab fried rice.  The order is good for 2 people but for those on a diet, 3 people can share this (which is what we did!).

  • Thai Deep-fried Pork Spareribs (Php 293)

Tamarind Spare Ribs

My colleagues loved this but I kinda felt it was kinda short of yummy.  I guess I just preferred the dry fried spareribs versus the one with sauce.  Next time, I’ll probably just try their crispy pata in curry sauce.

  • Prawns with Garlic, Cilantro & Pepper (Php 388)

Tamarind Prawns Garlic

For almost Php 400, we got six pieces of the prawns.  It wasn’t spectacular but it was just okay.  The shrimps weren’t so hard to peel which proves that they were fresh.  I would have wanted a peeled version of this dish though.  I felt that the flavours were left in the shells versus the shrimp themselves.  Oh well, it was just me.

  • Thai Iced Milk Tea (Php 98)

Tamarind Thai Iced Tea

Best iced tea hands down!!!  I even took some home!  It was that good!  A must-order!  Made of super yum!!  I wish I can find how they prepared this coz I’ll definitely make one for myself everyday if I can 😛

  • Sticky Rice with Mango (Php 113)

Tamarind Sticky Rice Mango

The sticky rice with mango is the best thai dessert for sharing.  It’s a great way to close a great meal.  I wish I had more space in my stomach.

Please forgive my photos as I forgot to bring my DSLR that day.  However, I brought my trusty iPhone 5 so I think the photos were decent.  Anyway, if you are craving for Thai food and you’re in Taguig area, Tamarind is a good place to go to.

Tamarind has great food, great ambiance and decent customer service.  When you go there, do not forget to order their Thai iced milk tea, shrimp cakes, and tom yum goong.  Definitely worth it!

5th Level, SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway corner 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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