Urbanears Humlan

Urbanears Humlan

I use headphones a lot.  I use it whenever I need to concentrate on my work.  I use it when I want to shut myself off the world.  I also use it to pump me up so that I get inspired to do whatever task I’m doing.  Music inspires me.  With a very close work environment, I need to listen to music and at the same time, not make noises to disturb my colleagues.  So I continue to find the best headphones to use everyday.

Urbanears Humlan caught my attention because of its unique feature.  When I say unique, it’s truly one of a kind!

It’s WASHABLE!!! Yes, have to put the word in all-caps 🙂

Urbanears Humlan is the first washable headphones available in the market.  I’m just glad that finally, a company thought of innovating something like this.

Urbanears Humlan 7

When we use headphones a lot, especially in a hot environment, sweat & dirt do stick to our accessory.  As time passes by, the headphones would smell bad and would look so dirty that it’s impossible to use anymore.  We tend to just buy ourselves new headphones and say goodbye to the old one.

Urbanears Humlan solved that problem.  We can just remove the headband & ear cushions, throw it to the laundry, then we can use the headphones again like it was new!  Super coolness to the maximum level!! 😀

Urbanears Humlan 9

Urbanears Humlan 3

With the washable feature alone, I think that’s one very strong reason for us to get the Urbanears Humlan.  Besides, Urbanears make good audio accessories, you cannot go wrong with it.


Urbanears Humlan 2

Inside the box of the Urbanears Humlan, you’ll see the ff.: the Urbanears headphones, washable ear covers, Urbanears sticker, Urbanears catalog, & warranty card.

Technical Specifications

Urbanears Humlan 10

  • 40mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance 32Ω
  • Sensitivity 100dB
  • Max Input Power 100mV@1kHz

Other notable features of the Urbanears Humlan

Zoundplug for instant music sharing

Urbanears Humlan 1

There are times that I want to share the video that I’m watching on my laptop.  A laptop’s internal speaker is not really that nice especially if you are in a  noisy environment.

If ever you and your friend have your own headphones, then ZoundPlug is a great feature to use.  I used it a couple of times already.  We can share music together by plugging another pair of headphones via the empty outlet on one side of the ear cap.

Microphone & Remote for hands-free talking

Urbanears Humlan 5

A headphone without a microphone is like technology going backwards in time.  While we all use our headphones mainly for music, we tend to also use the same for calls.  We use our phones as music players anyways.  So it does really make sense for manufacturers like Urbanears to include this must-have feature: a microphone 🙂

The remote control helps us controls the music that we listen to faster.  With just a click of the button, we can either play or pause, and change music tracks.


With those 3 features: washable, ZoundPlug, & microphone + remote, I can say that Urbanears Humlan is another headphones to get.

Other things that I like about the Urbanears Humlan is its fabric cord.  I lost several headphones before because the cord got tangled and the wire got cut.  Good thing that Urbanears thought of this and this gives me assurance that I will be able to use the Humlan for a very long time 🙂

Urbanears Humlan 8

The listening experience is quite good too.  Though I must say, that wearing them for over an hour will give discomfort.  One thing that I do is to make the headphone fit a bit loose, and that will solve it!

Overall, I really like the Humlan and I still can’t get over the washable feature that it has!  So cool!

You can buy the Urbanears Humlan for Php 2,250 at your favourite gadget accessory stores in the Philippines.

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