No Nonsense Personal Finance by Randell Tiongson

No Nonsense Personal Finance

I’ve always admired Randell Tiongson with his passion for finance.  Having attended a couple of his seminars proved that.  It’s pretty easy to understand what message he was trying to pass around because he wasn’t there to impress.  The way I see it is that he was there to help his audience achieve a good way to manage their finances (i.e., financial education).  I knew that when Randell Tiongson finally published a book on Personal Finance, people who got themselves a copy will be enlightened with tons of lessons.  I, myself, after reading the book immediately went through my goals list and added a section on finance.

Reading the book felt like having a finance expert to talk to you.  It seemed like he read our mind.  In all honesty, I’m still struggling hard with my finances.  The No Nonsense Personal Finance book by Randell Tiongson helped me gather my thoughts and follow a specific process in order to get out of that dilemma.

Basically, Randell’s book focuses on 5 steps in achieving financial peace in our lives.

No Nonsense Personal Finance Five Steps

  1. Improving Cash Flow
  2. Getting Out of Debt
  3. Setting up Your Emergency Fund
  4. Getting Protected from Life’s Risks
  5. Investing For Your Future

The author explained what personal finance is all about and stressed that there is no shortcut in achieving personal security.  He went on to explain the whole process and each step with easy to understand concepts, examples, & real experiences.

At the end of each chapter, he posted his friends’ thoughts about the steps.  I liked the way that he presented all the information in the book.  It’s really not only about his personal thoughts on finance but also sharing tips from other people so that we get more perspective about the topic.

Being a Christian myself, I appreciate Randell Tiongson showed his faith and love to the Lord in the book.  It just proved that this book was made with a lot of heart and sincerity.

So many aha moments (e.g., emergency funds should be 3-6 months worth of expenses, 70/30 is the earning-spending ratio, and prioritise spending in needs & control splurging on wants) in this book that I intend to practice in my life.  Like what the author said, knowledge & awareness are useless if you do not put it into practice.

Get Randell Tiongson’s No Nonsense Personal Finance Book at your favourite bookstores at Php 495.00.

No Nonsense Personal Finance Book

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