Life Skills….

Life Skills

While taking a short break, I stumbled upon an article from Buzzfeed. The article listed down all the life skills each of us should have. Since it’s a checklist, I was able to tick off the items that I think I’ve learned.

I have a looooooooooooooooooong way to go but I’m glad that I was able to get hold of this list.  Now, I have something to refer to.  It’s also a perfect time as I’m trying to revamp my bucket list.

Life Skills I Need to Have
Being a perfectionist, I feel uncomfortable tagging a skill as a ‘yes’ if I still have so much things to learn about it. I want to say that I will stop exerting effort in honing that skill if I have exhausted all possibilities in learning it so, you’ll see me tagging some skills as ‘maybe’.

I can sew. YES
I can tie a man’s tie. NO
I can make a meal without a recipe NO
I can build a fire. NO
I can bandage a wound. NO
I can navigate with an IRL map (NOT Google Maps) MAYBE
I can measure a piece of furniture to know if it fits in a space. YES
I can change a tire. NO
I know how to check oil in a car. NO
I know the proper way to fold a fitted sheet. NO
I know how to do laundry. NO
I know how to iron a shirt. NO
I know how to stop a toilet from overflowing. NO
I know how to set up a wireless network. YES
I know how to use excel. MAYBE
I can create a basic website/blog. YES
I know how to craft a resume. YES
I know how to cook eggs at least three different ways. NO
I know how to use chopsticks. YES
I know CPR. NO
I know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver. NO
I know how to calculate a tip. MAYBE
I can do a push-up. NO
I can swim. NO
I can drive. YES
I can ride a bike. NO
I can do basic math in my head. YES
I can do long division on paper. YES
I can keep a plant alive. NO
I can make pasta without under- or overcooking it. YES
I can tie a proper knot. NO
I can open a champagne bottle. NO
I can drive a stick shift. NO
I can use both a Mac and PC. YES
I can parallel park. YES
I know when fruits and vegetables are ripe. NO
I can assemble Ikea furniture by myself. NO
I know what to do if you spill red wine on carpet. NO
I know what to do to remove blood stains. NO
I know how to jump-start a car. NO
I know how to read and understand nutrition labels. NO
I know what to do if I get in a car accident. YES
I know how to budget. YES
I can write letters with few spelling and grammar errors. YES
I can bargain at a flea market. YES
I can carve a turkey or chicken. NO
I know how to operate a fire extinguisher. NO
I can use a sewing machine. NO
I can successfully bake a cake with a recipe. NO
I know how to properly set a table. NO
I can adjust my Facebook privacy settings with ease. YES
I know how to treat a bee sting. NO
I understand what goes in the recycling versus trash. NO
I know how to make a soft-, medium-, and hard-boiled egg. NO
I know how to back up my information. NO
I know how to update my phone. YES
I understand how to manage/store my music and photos. YES
I know how to use an electric drill. NO
I know how to hang a picture. YES
I can install something – like a shelf or curtain hooks – into the wall. NO
I can braid hair. YES
I can throw a football. NO
I can set up a barbecue fire. NO
I can cook meat to a desired level (rare, well-done, etc). NO
I know how to make a mixed drink. NO
I can do my taxes. NO
I can change a diaper. NO
I understand how to throw a punch. NO
I can actually throw a punch. NO
I can negotiate a raise. YES
I can figure out which direction points north without a compass. NO
I can navigate the subway without having to ask for help. NO
I know how to send someone a large file. YES
I know how to use Twitter. YES
I understand what a 401(k) is. NO
I understand how the stock market works. MAYBE
I understand the terms of my health insurance program. NO
I know what an abnormal mole might look like. NO
I can change a lightbulb. YES
I can read a text and recall the most important details. YES
I can do a pretty decent dive into a pool. NO
I can ski. NO
I can recognize (but not necessarily speak) languages like Spanish, French, German, and Italian. NO
I know how to clean filters in my vacuum. NO
I can replace a vacuum belt. NO
I know how to paint a room. NO
If named a state in the US, I could describe where it is. NO
If named a country in Europe, I could describe where it is. NO
I could draw a basic map of the world. NO
I know how to play sudoku. YES
I know how to polish silver. NO
I know how to eat a lobster. YES
I can fix a leaky faucet. NO
I know how to use the internet – beyond Google – for finding things. YES
I am good at finding exactly what I’m looking for online. YES
I can wrap a gift (and it won’t look like someone with no fingers wrapped it). MAYBE
I have been able to get around in a foreign country by myself with ease. NO
I can remove a splinter. NO
I know how to properly clean (the exterior) of my computer and electronic devices. NO
I understand how a mortgage works. NO

Plans to Learn the Skills I Haven’t Acquired
I already have a ready list of things I plan to achieve in 2014. Most of the items in this skills list are not part of it. However, I think I can squeeze in a few so that I can tick off some of the items

  • Year 2014 – tie a man’s tie, navigate with a IRL map, fold a fitted sheet, iron a shirt, master excel, cook eggs in 3 ways, calculate a tip, know when fruits & vegetables are ripe, bake cake with recipe, properly set a table, recycle versus trash, how to make soft, medium, hard-boiled egg, know what an abnormal mole looks like, clean filters in vacuum, replace vacuum belt, properly clean computer & electronic devices.
  • Year 2015 – meal without a recipe, bandage a wound, change a tire, check oil in a car, do laundry, push up, keep plant alive, proper knot, open champagne bottle, cook meat at a desired level (Rare, well-done, etc), learn stock market, understand health insurance program, back up data.
  • Year 2016 and beyond – build a fire, stop toilet from overflowing, CPR, heimlich maneuver, swim, can dive into a pool, ride a bike, drive stick shift, assemble IKEA furniture, clean spilled red wine on carpet, remove blood stains, jump start car, read & understand nutrition label, carve turkey/chicken, operate fire extinguisher, use sewing machine, treat bee sting, use electric drill, install shelf or curtain hooks on the wall, throw football, set up barbecue fire, make a mixed drink, do taxes, change diaper, how to throw a punch, can throw a punch, know direction points without compass, navigate subway without asking for help, understand 401(k), ski, recognize languages like Spanish, French, German, & Italian, know how to paint a room, name a state in US and describe where it is, name a country in Europe & describe where it is, draw a basic map of the world, polish silver, fix leaky faucet, get around foreign country on my own with ease, remove a splinter, understand how mortgage works.

Boy, after reviewing the list, I realized that I need to work on a lot of things (wahh! I only have 30 out of 100 skills!!).  I felt I wasted so much time during my youth.  I should have used the time to learn some of the skills in this list.  Anyway, I won’t let my age control me, hahahaha!  I’ll work on this one – one skill at a time.

How about you?  Mind to share your result? 🙂

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