StyLIZed by Liz Uy

StyLIZed by Liz Uy

Let me start by saying that I’m not a biggest fan of Liz Uy. But hey, I don’t know the person. When I heard about her book, I never planned to get myself one. I was just not interested… However, my best friend bought her book and offered to lend it to me. I took the opportunity as I have nothing to lose anyway. I might get a few tips. 

I just finished reading the book today.  It took me an hour to browse through all the fabulous photos and informative content.  I was impressed by this book!  Liz Uy definitely published a great book, her first one, which is worthy of a buy!

Here are five reasons why I love styLIZed by Liz Uy:

  1. It’s organized.  I love how she teaches us what she knows about fashion by breaking it down with ten basic items we should have in our closet.
  2. It’s informative.  I learned so many things by reading styLized!  Things that got stuck to my mind are having your own personal style, reinventing old clothing, choosing the right fit for you, accessorizing the button down shirt, and leggings dos & don’ts.
  3. It’s beautiful to look at.  I just adore the different outfits displayed in the book!  I wish I can reapply some of those styles for myself.  I already have some of them in my Pinterest for future reference.
  4. It’s encouraging.  It came to a point that I’m willing to revamp my closet.  I planned to revisit my wardrobe this week and probably get myself some new clothes.  I will make sure that I apply the lessons from the book so I get the right clothing for myself 🙂
  5. It’s stylish.  It’s quite surprising that some clothing when mixed together actually works.  One of the things that I struggle all the time is to choose which bag and shoes to match my outfits.  There were a whole bunch of ideas in the book which helped me with my dilemma.  I’m really excited to try them and finally be truly stylish! 

stylized page
image by Summit Media

I now have appreciation of Liz Uy’s work.  I love the book, and I think was quite effective that I actually plan to get myself those ten essential items for myself.  The Php 395 price tag is super worth it for the valuable fashion lessons you can get from the book.

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