Boon Tong Kee

Boon Tong Kee

I always make it a point to bring mom to a good restaurant every week.  One time, we tried out the popular Boon Tong Kee Restaurant from Singapore in Powerplant Mall.

I had high expectations considering the high price and its popularity.  While I can’t say if Boon Tong Kee is good since I haven’t been to Singapore, I was hoping to at least enjoy the food and experience.

My mom loves hainanese chicken.  I remember she even tried cooking one herself at home.  So I was really excited to bring her to Boon Tong Kee which is known to serve one of the best hainanese chicken in Singapore.  

Since I got myself a discount voucher from a group buying site, I had to follow the rules wherein one should reserve 2 days prior the visit date.  The guy who answered my call was so accommodating even though I bought vouchers and will be eating their food at a discount.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The phone experience gave me the feeling that service is very good at Boon Tong Kee Restaurant, Powerplant Mall.

And Boon Tong Kee didn’t disappoint.  Their customer service is SUPERB!  My mom and I really had a pleasant experience.

Boon Tong Kee ambiance

Look at my mom’s super happy face while we were waiting for our orders 🙂  Isn’t she beautiful?


While waiting, we were served free appetiser which is a combination of carrots and radish.

Boon Tong Kee appetizer

Who can resist bottomless drinks?  Definitely not us.  My mom ordered bottomless iced tea (Php 125) while I ordered bottomless barley (Php 125).

Boon Tong Kee Drinks

For appetizer, we ordered Crispy Beancurd (Php 185).  This dish is my favourite among all the dishes we ordered at Boon Tong Kee.  The beancurd was crispy and I loved the avocado sauce that came with it.

Boon Tong Kee Tofu

Since it’s raining season in the Philippines, we ordered soup.  According to the server, Boon Tong Kee’s Thick Soup with Fish Maw, Crabmeat & Beancurd (Php 325) is their bestseller.

Boon Tong Kee Soup

The soup was good and I loved the generous serving of the ingredients.  

Boon Tong Kee Hot and Sour Soup

Since we were at Boon Tong Kee, it would be such a waste if we don’t order their specialty — Hainanese chicken and rice.

So there came the Chicken Rice (Php 65) which turned out okay.

Boon Tong Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice

Then the star — Signature Boiled Chicken (quarter-Php 245).  I waited for my mom to taste it first because she loves hainanese chicken.  I’m sure she’s the best person to judge its taste.

Boon Tong Kee Hainanese Chicken

Sauces were available at our table for use with Boon Tong Kee’s signature boiled chicken.  Unfortunately, my mom hated the dish.  I was shocked since Boon Tong Kee is known for their boiled chicken then the dish turned out to be bad 🙁

Actually, my mom saw me writing this post.  She butted in and said, “that chicken was so bad!”.  

Oh boy.

Boon Tong Kee Hainanese Sauce

I ordered the boiled chicken for my mom.  I, on the other hand, ordered the Fried French Bean and Scallops with Spicy XO Sauce (Php 495) for myself.  I was looking forward to it since I super love scallops.  I enjoyed this dish but wished the serving was bigger.  

Boon Tong Kee Scallops

To end our Boon Tong Kee meal, we ordered Mango Mochi (Php 65).  This was good and super rich.  We were full already so we ate one of each and left the last piece on the table.

Boon Tong Kee Buchi

It’s sad that the boiled chicken wasn’t good and the price of the food are a bit steep.  However, service was excellent!  I wish the owners would take a look at the quality of their boiled chicken and improve it a bit more.

I’m not sure if we will go back to Boon Tong Kee again but I’m glad we were able to try it out.

Mom and Roch

Boon Tong Kee
3/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City, Philippines

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