JSK Auto Fun Run IV

JSK Auto Fun Run IV

Even before I bought Jony (my car), I was already lurking in car forums.  Once I got Jony, I planned to join a car club activity just to experience it.  

Luckily, JSK Auto Fun Run IV was scheduled that month.  I was pleasantly surprised how fast I could fulfil that plan.  Through Honda City Club Philippines (HCCP), I was able to sign up for the event.  The members at HCCP were so accommodating that I didn’t have a hard time with the logistics and meetup.

We met up at 6AM in the morning (so early *huhu*) at Shell Ortigas station so that the group can go together to the big meet-up venue at SM North Edsa.

When my friend Maus and I arrived, it wasn’t hard to spot where the group was.  All of them parked together.  The cars were all dolled up with mags, emblems, spoilers, etc.

Honda Fun Run Shell Meetup Photo grabbed from HCCP Facebook Group

We all then went to Quezon City together in one line.  Boy, they were so organised! I got impatient a bit at one time, and overtook some of the cars in the convoy ๐Ÿ˜›  Naughty Roch!  I know I shouldn’t do that anymore especially when the official convoy to Fontana starts (Fontana is the final venue of the JSK Auto Fun Run IV).

Honda Fun Run Shell Convoy Photo grabbed from HCCP Facebook Group

We stopped over at a nearby parking lot in SM North Edsa to meetup with the rest of the Honda City Club Philippines (HCCP) members.  I learned that there were several small meet-ups based on the members’ locations (i.e., south, east, north, far north, far south).  Once all HCCP members were complete, we started driving towards SM North Parking building where the rest of the JSK Fun Run IV attendees are waiting.

I initially thought that the event was organized solely by HCCP, but apparently, HCCP are attendees themselves.  I realized this when I saw Toyota and Mitsubishi cars.

HCCP parked together like a family, hehehe!  Apart from that, they also laid down the car club banner on the floor to show that we are represented.  It was so cool!  I felt like Jony (my car) has a family now, haha!

Honda Fun Run HCCP North Edsa

Seeing the cars arriving in groups were so exciting!  It was like seeing tons of celebrities arriving!  I couldn’t help but take pictures.  Some were even showing off by turning on their lights and sounds.

Honda Fun Run North Edsa Parking

After everyone parked, guess what the group talked about? C-A-R-S!  

I really felt like I experienced Fast & the Furious Philippine version.  I super enjoyed the experience & couldn’t contain my excitement any longer.  I wondered what else are in store for the event!

Honda Fun Run North Edsa Gathering

Some HCCP members couldn’t stop cleaning their cars!  You can see the intense love car enthusiasts have on their well-maintained automobile.

Honda Fun Run Car Cleaning

JSK Auto Fun Run IV was a huge event!  There were police escorts, marshals and tollway fees are already paid in advance.  To make it easier for the organisers to identify participants, we had to have JSK stickers on our cars.  

Honda City Fun Run Stickers

My friend Maus, who accompanied me to the event, described what I felt about the convoy perfectly.

Honda Fun Run Longest Line

While being part of a very long convoy is enjoyable, there are serious lessons to be learned.

  1. Turn hazard on all throughout the convoy – this is important so all participants will know that the one they’re following are part of the convoy.
  2. Do not tailgate car in front – this is EXTREMELY important and I can’t stress this enough.  Especially in an expressway with no traffic, if we follow the car in front too close, if there is a sudden stop, accidents will surely happen.  I got scared at one point during the JSK Auto Fun Run convo because the car at my back was too close.  I had to break out of the convoy then enter again after some time.
  3. Make sure that your car is good to travel – It’s hard to travel far especially in a convoy if you don’t even have enough gas, fluid and tire pressure.  You don’t wanna break the momentum.
  4. If ever something unusual happened in the convoy, do not stop – let the sweeper and marshals help the ones in need.

Convoy Stop near Fontana Photo grabbed from HCCP Facebook Group

Check the car of the Marshal *drools*

Honda Fun Run Marshall

We arrived at Fontana a little after lunch.  The weather was scorching hot that I was looking forward to go the venue for some air-conditioning…

Honda Fun Run Fontana Parking

But to my dismay, the event was held at the open area ๐Ÿ™  

Honda Fun Run Venue

It was totally understandable that the event was held in the open Fontana area because there were so many participants.

Honda Fun Run Lunch Venue

The food was nice.  There were spaghetti, hotdog, sausages and others.  

Honda Fun Run Food

I started feeling my tiredness & sleeplessness at Fontana which is quite sad coz the activities looked so much fun!  While most folks walked near the stage to watch the activities, I watched from afar ๐Ÿ˜›

Honda Fun Run Stage

There were burger eating, ice cream eating, hotdog eating, longest line and beer drinking contests!  Cash prizes were given away for the winners.  I wish I had energy that time, I could have joined the hotdog eating contest ๐Ÿ˜›

Honda Fun Run Games Individual Photos used in this collage were grabbed from HCCP Facebook Group

JSK Auto Fun Run IV aims to beat the Guinness Book of Records for most numbers of cars in a convoy. JSK Custom Paint and Auto Works owner Johnson Tan definitely has big dreams.  The group aims to achieve this by 2016.  Current world record is by U.S.

Let’s see how this will turn out.

The Auto Fun Run is one of a kind, and I definitely enjoyed the first car club activity that I participated in.  Special thanks to Honda City Car Club Philippines (HCCP) for the warm welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

HCCP Group Picture Photo grabbed from HCCP Facebook Group

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