Baja Mexican Cantina

Baja Mexican Cantina

I try to browse through group buying/discount sites once in a while.  There are some good deals out there and one of them was the Baja Mexican Cantina deal.  I bought one and brought my mom to this place one day.

The place was packed coz it was the last day of the deal.  I didn’t schedule our trip to Baja Mexican Cantina so we had to do it at the last minute, hehe!

Baja Mexican Cantina’s interiors shouts mexican all over.

Baja 4

Wooden chairs…

Baja 5

Beautiful table art…

Baja 3

and Mexican hats!  The restaurant’s design is so adorable!  I wish they lit up the place though as I feel that it’s too dark for a restaurant.  

Baja 2

Of course, the most beautiful view for me that day was my mom 🙂

Baja 7

My mom and I tried Baja Mexican Cantina’s bestsellers.  I think we ordered too much. We finished the tacos but ended up just tasting the Fajitas and Burrito. 

Baja Fajitas (Php 375).  I liked this one but was too full to finish the dish.  We had the option to choose either beef, chicken or combination but we chose beef.  The dish was served with tortillas, guacamole, salsa & sour cream.

Baja 13

Among all the dishes that we ordered at Baja Mexican Cantina, our favourite were the tacos.   We ordered the Double Tacos (Php 185) which is obviously 2 pieces of tacos, hehe! 

Baja 10

We have the freedom to choose the tacos for our order.  For the tacos, it can be soft or hard.  For the fillings, it can be mexican beef, grilled chicken, U.S. carne, BBQ pulled pork, fish fillet or grilled fish.

The first one, I opted for the hard taco with mexican beef.

Baja 11

For the second one & this one is my personal favourite, soft taco with fish fillet.

Baja 12

Baja Mexican Cantina’s Super Grande Burrito (Php 395) is HUGE!!!  The picture below doesn’t do justice but it’s really too big that I honestly think one person can’t finish such a huge burrito!

Baja 8

The Super Grande Burrito has everything in it — chicken, mexican beef, rice, beans, vegetables, sour cream and guacamole.  If you only need to order one thing in Baja Mexican Cantina and you’re too eager and hungry, then this burrito is for you. 

Baja 9

I think with the amount of food we ate that day, I was able to finish 5 servings of iced tea.  We ordered Bottomless Iced Tea (Php 95).

Baja 6

Overall, it was a great experience!  Baja Mexican Cantina’s food are affordable.  However, I think I’ll stick to their tacos the next time I visit the restaurant.  I don’t have anymore that big appetite I used to believe I have.

Baja Mexican Cantina
3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St. cor West Drive
Ayala Center, Makati

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