English Only, Please Movie Review

English Only, Please

On our 3rd attempt, we were finally able to watch English Only, Please. My mom and I actually waited for the mall to open then we immediately stormed to the cinema counter so that we are sure to be able to catch the first screening.

The movie is a simple love story about a Filipino-American and an English Tutor.  Julian Parker hired Tere Madlansacay to help him translate & teach him to recite his angry message to his ex-girlfriend.  However, as they go through their tutor sessions, they discover more about each other and ends up falling in love.

English Only, Please is a revelation.  My mom and I were both pleasantly surprised how good it was!  This must be one of the best romantic movies done in Manila!

While Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsey are an odd pairing, they were very effective in the movie.  Both of them deserve their acting awards one hundred percent!!!

Jennylyn’s acting was too great that we think that she is like Tere (her character in the movie) in real life.  I laughed with her, got angry with her and cried with her while watching English Only, Please.  Her beauty shined through and I think I already have a girl crush in Philippine showbizness, hehehe!

Meanwhile, Derek was awesome too!  I really liked how he twisted his straight tagalog.  It was believable!  

The story of English Only, Please was well-made.  Something that a lot of Filipinos will be able to relate.  Whether it’s unrequited love, stupid love, heartbreak, multi-cultural romance or friends becoming lovers, there’s a piece of the story that resonates with our own lives.  

English Only, Please is a must-watch!  I hope they’ll extend screenings in Manila as most are only discovering the greatness of this movie late into the MMFF season.

My Rating for English Only, Please: 5 out of 5 stars.

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One observation on “English Only, Please Movie Review
  1. Yvette

    I agree with your review. Upon seeing the news of these two pairing up for a movie, I was thinking “flop”. But when I saw the trailer, I was intrigued. Jennylyn really matured into a fine actress who could stand alone on her own, evidently with a slew of new movies paired up with different actors (Jericho Rosales, Sam Milby, JLC). This is a rom-com tagalog movie you couldn’t accuse of surviving because of cliches.


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