Feng Shui 2 Movie Review

Feng Shui 2

We were planning to watch English Only, Please but the next 2 screenings were full and we didn’t wanna wait that long.  Because of that, we settled for Feng Shui 2.

Feng Shui 2 is a sequel to the original 2004 Feng Shui film.  Kris Aquino reprised her role as Joy Ramirez.  Both Feng Shui films are about a bagua that haunts every single person who saw their reflection in the cursed item but provides luck to the person who owns it.

Feng Shui revolved around Joy Ramirez’ life when she owned the cursed bagua while Feng Shui 2 revolved around Lester Anonuevo’s (Coco Martin’s character) experiences as the new owner.  The twist here is that all the owners of the cursed bagua are reunited in the 2nd instalment.  Is the curse of the bagua stronger than ever?  

Honestly, the movie was effective for me as I got scared while watching Feng Shui 2.  This is mostly because of Coco Martin’s effective acting.  However, the ending ruined it all for me.  The after credits weren’t really necessary.  I was about to credit Feng Shui 2 as an effective horror flick but it became a comedy at the end 🙁 

My Rating for Feng Shui 2: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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