Housewarming Party with Foodie Saints

Housewarming Party with Foodie Saints

This is housewarming party # 2 for me.  It’s time to welcome my foodie saints friends to my humble home 🙂

I scheduled it on a sunday instead as I learned from the last housewarming party that it’s impossible to host a party during a weekday.

Housewarming Saints 1

Guess what? I lacked time again, hahaha!  I thought that 3 hours is enough to arrange the place and cook the food.  Apparently, I’ll need 5 hours for preparations. This is another lesson learned for hosting parties.  I did a mental note on that…  


Housewarming Saints 6

This time, I was able to print out the menu for the day.  But since I had time management problems yet again, there were 2 dishes that didn’t make it namely snow peas stir fry & mango sago.

I also had a little help on wrapping the homemade dumpling (thanks Gly!) and the dumpling sauce (thanks Maus!).  I’m proud to say though that all dishes that we ate that day were cooked by yours truly.  It felt like it was a success.  There were no leftovers, yipeeeeeeee! 

  • Soup – Egg Drop Soup

Housewarming Saints 4

  • Entree – Homemade Dumplings

Housewarming Saints 5

  • Main – Three Cup Chicken (served with garlic rice)

Housewarming Saints 2

  • Drink – Fresh Lemonade

Housewarming Saints 3


When the group goes out, we always just dine in a restaurant then move to another place for dessert.  That is why I called the group foodie saints.

One other activity that we used to do is playing the room escape games in either Mystery Manila or Outbreak Philippines.  

For the first time ever, we played a board game.  It was a lot of fun!  Telestrations is a good party game and I highly suggest other barkadas to try it out.

Housewarming Saints 7

Telestrations by USAOPOLY is the award-winning laugh-out-loud party game that connects all generations through hilarious miscommunications!

Combining the schoolyard favorite ‘telephone game’ with a drawing game, Telestrations has players draw what they see then guess what they saw. The result? The Big Reveal, where players get to share how “this” became “that!” The outcomes are unpredictable and sure to create a slide-splitting time!

We were laughing all throughout the game.  Things like bad illustrations, weird interpretations and out of this world understanding of secret word made this activity a really entertaining one!  We’ll play this again in the future. 


Housewarming Saints 8

There are two reasons that binds the group together –> love for God and love for food.  I’m blessed that even if I’m not active in church, we continue to hang out with each other.  Seeing them reminds me how I should not forget the Lord in my life.  I wish that I have that same deep connection with the Lord as they have.  I’m still a work in progress but I’m trying 🙂


Housewarming Saints 9

I do not require my guests to bring anything.  But if they insist on bringing anything, I said that a board game would be the one that I’d like.  The foodie saints brought Telestrations and it was a super awesome choice!  I now have 2 board games to play with house guests (Telestrations & Takenoko).  

To my foodie saints friends, thanks for coming over and celebrating this milestone with me.  To the next bonding activity – food trip FTW!

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