A Tribute to My Favourite Junk Foods

A Tribute to My Favourite Junk Foods

As I eat my last can of Pringles Original, I feel a bit nostalgic and sentimental.  I knew that it would be my last bite of deliciousness.

Oh boy, why are the good things so bad for our health?  I was already reprimanded by multiple doctors that I have to stop eating junk food.  It’s very hard for me to accept the truth that I have to give up junk food but I had to.  I want to live longer and I do not want to go back to the hospital again.  I certainly do not want to experience the scare that I had a few months ago with the doctor saying that I might have cancer.  Good thing the biopsy result was good which means I do not have cancer.  I felt like I had a second life.  Now, I’m really more adventurous with what I do.  We only live once!

Since I cannot eat any more junk food, I figured that I have to write an entry solely for them.  Yes, the junk foods which I had enjoyed for all my life, I need to let them go.  But I need to pay tribute before finally letting go.  Oh, the heartbreak :'(

Pringles Original Potato Chips

Once you pop, you can’t stop.

The tagline above says it all for me.  I love that Pringles is salty, crispy and super well-seasoned.  I can eat one whole can without stopping.  It’s that addicting.  Oh, Pringles, how I miss you already :'(

Piknik Original Shoestring Potatoes

Pik-Nik selects only the best, fresh potatoes. Then we slice them a little thicker and a little longer than ordinary potato sticks. We quickly fry our shoestring potatoes in 100% pure vegetable oil and pack them in our stay-fresh reclosable canisters. This ensures a crisp, crunchy texture and a superb fresh-fried potato taste.

I love to munch at food especially in between meals.  I’m not sure what the reason is but I guess it can be to reduce stress.  Pik-Nik is one of my all time favourite snack.  I love the shoestring texture of Piknik as I can somewhat control the amount that I’m eating and prolong my enjoyment of the snack. 

Cheetos Crunchy

CHEETOS® snacks are the much-loved cheesy treats that are fun for everyone! You just can’t eat a CHEETOS® snack without licking the signature “cheetle” off your fingertips. And wherever the CHEETOS® brand and CHESTER CHEETAH® go, cheesy smiles are sure to follow.

I remember my good friend Rhona would buy me Cheetos to cheer me up during my sad days.  That was how effective Cheetos is to me.  Cheetos was my go-to-snack during those lowly days.  Too bad I have to find a healthier option from this time on.  What I love about Cheetos is how cheesy it is.  If I can borrow KFC’s tagline, Cheetos is finger-lickin’ good!

Chippy BBQ Corn Chips

An incredibly crunchy snack with a distinct barbecue taste that makes it the barkada’s go-to comfort snack.

Chippy is a very good snack in the Philippines.  I love its BBQ taste yet with a thick crusty texture.  Since it’s local, the price is affordable.  That’s why if I wanted to cut down on expenses, Chippy would be the snack that I would buy.  But now, whether on a budget or not, I have to let Chippy go.  Bye Chippy!

V-Cut Potato Chips
V-Cut Potato Chips

Ridge sliced potato chips that are made from 100% real potatoes and cooked to a golden crisp.

If I couldn’t find piknik, V-Cut is the snack that I would buy.  Just like Chippy, it’s made locally in the Philippines.  While I love V-Cut, I felt that the serving is quite small.   I can actually finish one pack in 5 minutes.  But maybe it’s because it’s delicious.  Nevertheless, I would need to stop buying and eating V-Cut.


Oh my broken heart… Goodbye yummy snacks!  

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One observation on “A Tribute to My Favourite Junk Foods
  1. Lia

    I loooove original Pringles! I can eat one whole can in one sitting all by myself, haha! And I only eat the imported ones. The local ones taste funny, hahaha.


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