Coloring: Mandala1 by Momi

Mandala1 by Momi Coloring

I’m starting to enjoy colouring these days.  It gives me a venue to be more creative.  One of the applications that I discovered on my iPad is Momi Coloring.  I love how easy I can color with it.

All I do is choose from the colors available and just click on the area where I want to put that color into.  I’m sharing my projects here in my blog.  I will post 4 different projects that I did for a certain pattern.  I will need your help to tell me which colouring looks best!  

Here is Mandala1:

Which colouring of Mandala1 do you like best?
Mandala 1 Mandala 2
Mandala1 1 Mandala1 2
Mandala 3 Mandala 4
Mandala1 3 Mandala1 4

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