Housewarming Party with R&S

Housewarming with R&S

This is my 3rd housewarming party.  However, this is the first time that I didn’t cook anything as it was scheduled on a friday.  For my bonding with Rhona and Shiela, we ordered pizza and soft drinks.  I still intend to cook for them soon but for their first visit at my place, we focused more on our catchup ๐Ÿ™‚

I still did some table setting (a simple one though!).  For the glasses, I’ve put the Coke branded ones because we were drinking Coke!  I have a pretty big collection of glasses.  There are glasses for wine, champagne, juice, soft drinks, shots, coffee and tea.  I always have the vision that I would be cooking for friends that’s why I’m investing in tableware little by little.

HousewarmingRhona, Shiela and I have been friends for 9.5 years now.  They are one of my first friends when I joined the company that I work in right now.  It’s a blessing that until today our friendship are still strong especially with Rhona who I’m super close with.

Opening up my home to people close to my heart is very important to me.  It is like sharing a part of me to them.  That’s why I treat all these housewarming parties very importantly.  And this is also the reason why I’m documenting it in my blog so that I can always refer to it if I want to reminisce.  I want to celebrate this huge milestone of mine with people I care for.

Shakey’s is my go-to-restaurant for pizza.  I really just love their thin-crust pizza.  Since I have their supercard which entitles cardholders of buy 1 take 1 pizza on delivery orders, that’s what I did.  The promo also included free 1.5 litres of Coke.  The three of us finished everything (pepperoni pizza, cheesesteak pizza and coke!).  Yum yum!



HousewarmingI tell my guests not to bring anything but if they insist, a board game is something that I would appreciate.  Since I love board games, they’ll be displayed in my home.  Plus, it serves as a memory of our friendship whenever I see the game at home.  I’m sentimental at that ๐Ÿ™‚

HousewarmingRhona, Shiela and I played the classic Monopoly game but this time we used the anniversary edition from Hasbro.  I really love the cute little items that serves as our character.  It represents the different generation from the 80 years of Monopoly.


I wish I can be more comfortable in preparing for home parties so I can invite friends more often so that we can play more board games.  Maybe next year, it won’t be that tedious and difficult? hehe!


Thank you Rhona and Shiela for coming, sa uulitin! ๐Ÿ˜€

Housewarming R & S

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