Coloring: I Have a Tree by Momi

I have a tree coloring

Coloring project for the day 🙂 I have a tree using the pattern from the iOS app Momi colouring.

I used to dream to be able to have a garden with trees that bear fruits such as coconut and lemons.  However, I know that it’s not very easy and I wouldn’t be able to nurture the trees as how they should be.  With that, I will just stick to coloring patterns of trees such as the ones below 😛

Which colouring of I have a tree do you like best?
I have a tree 1 coloring I have a tree 2 coloring
I Have a Tree 1 I Have a Tree 2
I have a tree 3 coloring I have a tree 4 coloring
I Have a Tree 3 I Have a Tree 4

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