This is How I Organise Grocery Bags

This is How I Organise Grocery Bags

My friends who have visited my home would know that I’m addicted to organising.  I’m not even sure if it’s normal as I feel my OCness is on the extreme level.   I haven’t really shared any projects that I do at home in HeaRty’s Haven.  I will post some things that I do at home every now and then here as there might be readers who are as OC as me! For today, I’m sharing how I organise the plastic bags that I get from visiting the supermarkets.  Recently, it’s getting a bit difficult in getting plastic bags as some mayors wanted to give the image that they are environment friendly thus banning plastic from the city that they manage.  Luckily, in Taguig, grocery plastic bags are not banned.  So I usually do my weekly grocery in Taguig.

Before, I just stuff all the plastic bags in a bigger plastic bag.  Then I just put them inside the cabinet.  Honestly, I hate that the bags took a lot of space in the cabinet.  I could have used the space for kitchen gadgets & other stuff.
Grocery Bags 2 Grocery Bags 4

Luckily, I got an idea from browsing Pinterest one day.  I decided to follow what other organising folks did on their grocery bags.  I took some step by step photos on how we can fold the grocery bags so we can save some space and make it look nice!  So happy I discovered this!  
Grocery Bags How To

See how neat the grocery bags look now?  
Grocery Bags 3

I put the folded grocery bags into plastic containers.  They looked pretty neat and i just love how my cabinet doesn’t look cluttered now.  It’s also pretty easy to grab one for use.  
Grocery Bags 5

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