Coloring: I’m Just a Stone by Momi

I'm Just a Stone by Momi Coloring

Today’s coloring project is a diamond!  Using Momi Coloring’s pattern called I’m Just a Stone.

People say that diamonds are forever.  Ladies usually dream to own a lot of it.  I do not know why but it just doesn’t have any appeal to me.  I’d rather want gadgets than diamonds.  Even though I know that in the end, the value of the diamonds do go up.  Besides, I do not want to wear diamonds as I’m so scared of theft, hehehe!

Which colouring of I'm Just a Stone do you like best?
I'm Just a Stone 1 I'm Just a Stone 2
I’m Just a Stone 1 I’m Just a Stone 2
I'm Just a Stone 3 I'm Just a Stone 4
I’m Just a Stone 3 I’m Just a Stone 4

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