iRegalo Launches Healthcare Packages

iRegalo Healthcare Packages

I’m slowly going back to the blogging scene and one of the first events that I went to is for iRegalo.  iRegalo has just launched a new set of health packages aimed to help overseas filipino workers in ensuring their beloved family’s well being despite being far away from them.

Before I go into details, let me share first what iRegalo is.  

Here’s iRegalo’s official description of their services:

iRegalo is a start-up led by telecom and consumer products experts.  It offers control and convenience to the online Filipino remittance market.

iRegalo gives Filipinos working away from home a worry-free means of providing for their families’ needs.

With just a few clicks, Filipinos can send healthcare packages to family and friends anywhere in the Philippines.  These packages are honoured at hundreds of medical, dental and optical clinics nationwide. With iRegalo, you can also send flowers and the latest smartphones and laptops, too.

Soon, iRegalo users will be able to send gifts from participating supermarkets and other merchant types all over the country.

So net, iRegalo is a website that provides a way for anyone to send gifts to their loves ones living in the Philippines.  The website is located at http://www.iregalo.ph.

The way iRegalo is pronounced is actually trivial.  As we are all very used to names in english, I thought that iRegalo is pronounced as “e-regalo”, similar to how Apple products are named.  But apparently, iRegalo is a filipino word.  Thus, the right pronunciation of iRegalo is “iregalo”.  The spelling kinda confused me a bit but after discovering the truth, it made a lot of sense.  I guess spelling iRegalo with a capital “R” has more impact than spelling it all in lower case.

Anyhow, I was really curious in knowing what the healthcare packages are.  I do not know of any other e-commerce websites that provides a means for us to gift our loved ones with healthcare services.  So this is something new.

iRegalo Launch 2

iRegalo’s healthcare line up includes three of the most popular health services:

  1. Eye Care – consultation with a licensed optometrist plus a new pair of glasses fitting the requirements of the patient.
  2. Medical Care – have regular check-up done at any of the 350+ iRegalo partner clinics nationwide.
  3. Dental Care – keep teeth and gums healthy for a whole year.

Soon, iRegalo will add more services to ensure comprehensive coverage in iRegalo’s health care services in the site.  Maybe, they can add vouchers to different drugstores or fitness packages?

iRegalo Launch 3

While iRegalo markets their services for OFW use, anyone of us can actually leverage iRegalo’s services.  For example, if I want to surprise my best friend with flowers on her birthday, I can just order it in iRegalo’s website and pay using my credit card.  My best friend will then receive my gift delivered directly at her doorstep.

I like the concept of iRegalo.  The name says it all.  If we want to give gifts to our loved ones living in the Philippines, we can just order from the list of packages available in the website.  Right now, iRegalo has the ff. products and services: Flowers, Gadgets and Healthcare packages.  


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