HeaRty’s Haven is Rochelle Sy Chua’s little corner of the online world where she blogs about a wide variety of interests. The topics can be about electronics, gadgets, and Apple products, but then the next day it could be about her various travels both in the Philippines and international travel too.

The writer and the blogger, Rochelle Sy Chua is fondly called Roch by friends, family, and acquiantances.

HeaRty’s Haven was originally conceived and brought to life back in 2008, on the Blogger blogging platform, but only in May of 2010 was it relaunched using the WordPress blogging platform.

The blog aims to chronicle the life of Roch as she balances her life and lives out the many various interests that she has. Roch loves movies, and will not pass up a chance to watch a good movie, especially a horror flick, just don’t leave out the barbecue flavored popcorn. She’s fond of television shows, and you might catch her once in a while raving about the latest hit show on television too. Aside from the entertainment aspect, another great pasttime is of course travelling the Philippines as well as covering ground in such places as Taiwan and Malaysia.

If you’ve been a frequent visitor of HeaRty’s Haven, you will notice the great affinity towards electronics and gadgets. Roch is a self confessed gadget freak, and an Apple evangelist to those she knows. She practices what she preaches, and has the hardware to prove her loyalty to the Apple brand: more than a handful of ipods, iPhone, and a Macbook Pro, one look and you know she’s serious about her gadgets.

Aside from gadgets, she’s been into gaming, and of course will forever, on most days, be found on the internet.

Food is where Hearty is, and you’ll definitely find a great resource of food articles as well as restaurant reviews. You will literally feast with your eyes, as the sumptious and delicious pictures will keep you coming back and wanting to try out the many suggestions that Roch tends to dish out.

So, come along for the ride, and read the articles here at HeaRty’s Haven. Roch can talk about so many things, but one thing is for certain, you’ll always learn something new here at HeaRty’s Haven.