Tamarind Taste of Thai

I discovered Tamarind through a group buying site.  They were selling coupons for 40%.  Since I have a monthly lunch out with my former teammates, I asked them if we can all avail of the discount for one of our luncheons. A few weeks ago, we decided to use our coupons and visited Tamarind for […]

Recipe: Sugar Crusted Chocolate Chip Muffins

chocolate chip muffins 30

It took me a long time to finally seriously learn how to cook.  However, it took me a much longer time to try out baking.  Just this month, I finally gathered enough strength to bake.  I spent a considerable amount of time preparing for the ingredients, reading & rereading the muffin recipe, and checking the […]

Recipe: Pasta Raisins and Nuts

Pasta Raisins and Nuts 0

I’m trying to keep as little food in my house as much as possible.  This is so I can plan what I have to cook better.  This december, I got a whole bunch of groceries from the office as a holiday gift.  One of those items was an Italian spaghetti sauce.  In line with my […]

Recipe: Pork Chop Steak

Pork Chop Steak

Breaded pork chops are everywhere especially in Manila.  There’s katsu here, katsu there, katsu everywhere.  The price isn’t even cheap.  However, there’s one type of pork chop that I want, that is the Filipino pork chop! In true Filipino style, I tried cooking Pork Chop Steak or Bistek Pork Chops.  The difference is with the […]

Recipe: Roasted Okra

Roasted Okra Recipe

I want to eat vegetables as much as possible,.  It’s because I want to be fit and healthy especially since I’m not getting any younger.  Apart from that, I also want to try using my stove.  It has been there for almost a year and I haven’t really used it that much.  So when I […]

Ramen Nagi

Ramen Nagi 3

Ramen restaurants pop out like mushrooms all of a sudden.  I do not know how the craze started but I do seem to be influenced by it.  Almost every week, I have to have my own dose of ramen.  Since there are so many Ramen restaurants in Metro Manila, I have so many places to […]

Recipe: Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

I enjoyed cooking the meatballs that I couldn’t stop myself from finding new ways in preparing it.  So far, I’ve done it as is – baked meatballs dipped in sweet chill sauce.  I’ve also prepared meatball sotanghon soup.  Now, I tried my hand on sweet and sour meatballs! After I’ve tasted the finished product, I […]

Recipe: Sotanghon Soup

Sotanghon Soup Recipe

I had some margarine that was going to expire soon.  Due to my goal of not wasting any food at home, I was desperate to find a recipe which I can use the leftover margarine with.  It had to have exact measurement of 1/4 cup.  Luckily, at the time, Magnolia website was still up and […]

Recipe: Meatballs

Meatballs Recipe

I’m trying to be more bold in cooking.  So this time, I tried my hand on preparing meatballs!  Apparently, it wasn’t hard at all! I got some ground beef from S&R (free 0.5 kg for every 1 kg).  There are also a lot of meatballs recipe around so I’m going to try them out.  For […]

Recipe: Sago

Sago Recipe

There are so many things we can do with sago.  One of the many dishes that I liked which uses sago as an ingredient is mango sago.  One day, I will learn how to make that.  Sago’t gulaman, green bean soup, and red bean soup are other dishes that I wish to recreate too! When […]