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DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite

De'Longhi PrimaDonna Elite

I had the opportunity last month to attend the launch of DeLonghi’s newest coffee machine, the DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite.  While I continue to drool and wish that I own DeLonghi’s newest product myself, I know that I don’t need it.  Guess why?  Because I already have my very own DeLonghi Fully Automatic Coffee Machine! Read More

The Summer Flavors of Serenitea

The Summer Flavors of Serenitea

I’m probably late in the game but I just found out that Serenitea has a running promotion during the summer season!   Read More

McDonald’s French Fries Holder

McDonald's French Fries Holder

Good job McDonald’s!

After having a long day at work, at past midnight, I had the urge to drive-thru a McDonald’s store.  Guess why?  I had to buy McDonald’s new product gimmick — a Fry Holder for our car! Read More

Bon Chon Delivery

Bon Chon Delivery

I still recall how excited I was when I tried out Bon Chon for the first time three years ago.  That time, Bon Chon was a big craze.  I couldn’t even go there without having to line up.  It was new at the time and they only had two branches.

Fast forward to 2013, Bon Chon is a household name in Korean-style chicken.  In fact, there are so many branches nationwide.  We can easily get ourselves a fix of Bon Chon whenever we need it.

Guess what?  Bon Chon started offering their own food delivery service!  Last month, I was able to try out the service for the first time.  Since I was in the office, I shared some of my orders to my colleagues.

Since I was in Makati & Bon Chon was probably doing this for the environment, their food was put inside paper bags (with handles!).

bon chon delivery 12

Utensils, straws and napkins were complete.  No need to worry about missing spoon or missing fork 🙂

bon chon delivery 11

Here are the food items we ate at that time:

  • Fish Taco (Php 75)

bon chon delivery 9

  • Premium Iced Tea (Php 30)

bon chon delivery 8

  • Chicken Fillet Chops (8 pieces – Php 365)

bon chon delivery 6

bon chon delivery 7

  • Crispy Shrimp Rice (Php 125)

bon chon delivery 5

  • Crispy Squid Rice (Php 125)

bon chon delivery 4

  • Chapchae (Php 75)

bon chon delivery 1

Yummy food delivered at our convenience.  We truly enjoyed our break from our jam-packed work schedule.  Knowing that we saved time from walking to the nearest branch and just having to call the Bon Chon delivery hotline (+63-2-6331818), we get our cravings satisfied.

bon chon delivery 10

Bon Chon’s menu evolved a lot.  Before they used to only have chicken, chapchae and a few other items.  However, right now, they do offer a lot of rice meals and a wider range of desserts.  That is really cool!  Now, we have one more favourite to add to our list of delivery services.

Bring It On Bon Chon Delivery

bon chon delivery 2



Metro Manila – +63-2-6331818
Baliwag, Bulacan – +63-44-7611818
Marilao, Bulacan – +63-44-8151818
Dasmarinas, Cavite – +63-46-4241818
Central Cebu City – +63-2-32-2660488
Davao – +63-82-2851704

Minimum purchase at Php 300.  10% service charge will be added to the total bill for delivery.

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Lucky Me! Special Instant Pancit Palabok

Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok

I see palabok as a dish that needs to be prepared for a long amount of time.  It’s a delightful dish that people usually serve at parties.  I tend to get a dose of palabok during office celebrations or birthday parties.  But that’s about it for me.

Who would have thought that Pancit Palabok can be prepared in less than 5 minutes?  I mean, is that even possible?

Apparently, Lucky Me! Special, a company known to have perfected instant noodles have a product named Lucky Me! Special Instant Pancit Palabok!

This week, I was in for a big surprise as Lucky Me! Special sent me a couple of Lucky Me! Special Instant Pancit Palabok for review.  Wow!  They didn’t just send it as it is but Lucky Me! Special delivered it in true palabok style.  The products were placed in a traditional bilao!

Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok Bilao

With that kind of product presentation, who wouldn’t be excited?  I was totally psyched to try it out!

A colleague told me that Lucky Me! Special Instant Pancit Palabok launched a long time ago (last November 2011). I guess I was too concentrated on their pancit canton product that I missed Lucky Me’s display of Pancit Palabok Instant Noodle Packs.

Today, I had it for lunch.  I woke up so late already that I didn’t have time to prepare any dish so I went to get a pack of Lucky Me! Special Instant Pancit Palabok.

Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok Pack

Cooking Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok is surprisingly easy!  I can describe the preparation in three simple steps.  In just 5 minutes, I was already enjoying the wonderful taste of Lucky Me! Special Instant Pancit Palabok!

  1. Place noodles in a bowl.  Add boiling water and cover for 4 minutes.

Lucky Me Pancit Palabok add

  1. Carefully drain water. 

Lucky Me Pancit Canton Drain

  1. Mix noodles with sauce.  Add garnish and mix well.

Lucky Me Pancit Canton Mix

Pancit Palabok is usually served unmixed.  Look at Lucky Me! Special’s version below:

Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok Presentation

It looked like the real thing!  I loved it!!  I have this crazy idea of just serving Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok and people might mistake it as the authentic one: Rice noodles with thick golden shrimp sauce topped with chives and real chicharon 🙂

In true palabok style, I mixed the ingredients with the noodles.  When I tried it out, I was pleasantly surprised!  The instant pancit palabok by Lucky Me! Special actually tasted unexpectedly good!

Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok Enjoy

Lucky Me! Special Instant Pancit Palabok has a similar aroma and taste of the authentic palabok dish.  I’m quite satisfied with the product.

How about you?  Have you tried it?

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