Randell Tiongson’s iCON 2014

Randell Tiongson iCON 2014

There are so many things we can learn about finance! Things like Financial planning, short-term fund, premium bond fund, assets, investment funds, equity funds, balanced fund, asset management and trust bonds, international fund, unit investment trust funds, money market, investment management, living trust, dividend equity fund, and global Philippine fund is a very long list. […]

Make the Best Happen with BPI Express Assist Online

BPI Express Assist Online

I’ve been trying to keep this as a secret.   For some time, I’ve been selfish.  I knew that not a lot of people know this trick.  Whenever I need to transact something at BPI, I would just go to this ‘secret’ feature.  I go inside the bank, see a lot of people waiting for […]

Get up to 5% rebate with EastWest EveryDay MasterCard

EastWest EveryDay MasterCard

Today, I learned about this new credit card, the EastWest EveryDay MasterCard!  It gives you up to 5% cash rebate on essential purchases like supermarket, gasoline and drugstore.  5% is really a big deal nowadays! For you to avail of the 5% rebate,a simple condition is for you to spend at least Php 10,000 on non-essential […]

Real Life Value Investing Example (Philippines Setting)

As promised from the previous article, here is one real life example of applying our short discussion to real life scenarios: Pepsi Cola Philippines Inc. (Ticker Symbol: PIP) Listed on February 1, 2008 on the Philippine Stock Exchange, Pepsi Cola is a company most people are familiar with.  It listed with an IPO (Initial Public […]

Risk Management

Why of all the topics of investing should we tackle first this thing called Risk Management?  Well, to start I’d like to quote two men.  The first from one of the top three richest man and another is one who was successful during the recent economic turmoil. Rule Number 1: “Never lose money.  Rule Number […]

When Investing

When Investing (The start of a series of articles when investing) Before investing…. Know these…. P/E or (ROI in years) ROE in % Net worth Assets Liabilities Risks Involved Industry Company Worse case scenarios and how will you handle them Effect on you Other things not listed. Simple? Yes! Easy? No! Goodluck! ——————– About the […]


In 1626, Peter Minuit was said to have bought the Manhattan Island from the local Indian inhabitants for a load of cloth, beads, hatchets, and other odds and ends then worth 60 Dutch guilders equating to around $24.  If that amount was invested instead at 8% return annually and left to compound (grow) how much […]

Brain Twisters – The Answers

Mr. Munger graduated law in Harvard and is in the Forbes 400 billionaire list. He is also the partner and longtime friend of Warren Buffett. He is second largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. These are his answers to the brain twisters last week: 1. This question was answered by Munger’s physicist son. “It can’t be […]

The No Nonsense Seminar on Finance Part 3

I shared with you before my experience when I attended the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance last year.  I did mention that I missed the 1st hour and would wish to join the next round. Finally, it’s here!  There’ll be a session this coming saturday, July 10, 2010.  I have a schedule conflict but I’ll […]

Brain Twisters

Charlie Munger is an advocate of using interdisciplinary discipline in solving problems.  As an example, in solving a business problem one must not simply be restricted using business or economic concepts and solutions.  But must also take into consideration psychology, biology, sociology, and any other disciplines.  Restricting to one’s discipline, would be like, according to […]