Happy 20th Birthday Philippine Internet!

Philippines Internet 20th Birthday

Last night, I had the privilege to join the wonderful 20th birthday celebration of Philippine internet. The event was organised by Smart Communications.  All the influential people in the net industry was there.  I felt so honoured to be in the same room with people who made Philippines a connected country. The Philippines got connected […]

Smart launches satellite-powered service to the Philippines

SmartSAT Satellite services

The Philippines is prone to disasters – just ask the victims of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).  So for Filipinos, this is not news.  And in times of disaster, connectivity, and communication is very important.  This is especially crucial for people who works in emergency units, military, media, and frontline services. Smart Communications, Inc. is opening up […]

Urbanears Humlan

Urbanears Humlan 4

I use headphones a lot.  I use it whenever I need to concentrate on my work.  I use it when I want to shut myself off the world.  I also use it to pump me up so that I get inspired to do whatever task I’m doing.  Music inspires me.  With a very close work […]

Monocle by Native Union

Monocle by Native Union

There are so many speakers & headphones out there in the market.  But have you seen a monocle in there?  Your answer is as good as mine.  Native Union definitely is thinking out of the box with its newest product, Native Union Monocle. I honestly don’t know how to make out of it because I […]

Crumpler End of Season Sale

Crumpler End of Season Sale January 2014

Looking for a bag for your laptop?  How about a bag for your camera?  Or maybe you’re currently on a look out for a backpack, an overnight bag, or even a luggage? You’re in luck because one of the popular bag brands is having an End of Season sale this month!  Yes, Crumpler Philippines is […]

Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System for iPhone

Pear Training Intelligence for iPhone

I’ve been wanting to be physically fit for quite some time now.  Honestly, I really tried but I couldn’t sustain it.  Running has been my choice because it’s the cheapest form of exercise.  I don’t have to drive to a gym and pay super expensive monthly membership fees.  Since I don’t know how to use […]

Case Mate Peacock Silicone Case for iPhone 5/5S

Case Mate Peacock 2

I’m the type of person who loves to match all my things based on what I wear on a given day.  That is why I got myself the Case Mate Peacock Silicone Case for my iPhone. The Peacock Case is one of the designs featured in Case Mate’s creature series.  Other creatures include Pinky, Tigris, […]

Nude Audio Move M Bluetooth Speaker

Nude Audio Move M

Nude Audio M… my first impression was, “why is the speaker named nude?”.  When I observed the speaker further, I realised that it must be because of the minimalistic design.  The black/coral colour that I got have only a hint of coral on the speaker just to bring out the brand name, plus the cord […]

Adonit Jot Mini

Adonit Jot Mini

I had the Adonit Jot Mini for quite some time.  Drawing is definitely not my forte but I felt the need to have a stylus because there are times that I would want to draw on the screen in order to make a point.  It would be nice to have a stylus ready whenever I […]

Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Cover for iPad Mini

Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Cover

Ever since I got the iPad Mini, I have been researching the best accessory for it.  Protection is the main driver for me to choose which brand or model to get.  Tech21 launched in the Philippines that time.  I read several write-ups about it.  The impact technology caught my attention and I was really curious […]