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Crumpler End of Season Sale

Crumpler end of Season Sale January 2014

Looking for a bag for your laptop?  How about a bag for your camera?  Or maybe you’re currently on a look out for a backpack, an overnight bag, or even a luggage?

You’re in luck because one of the popular bag brands is having an End of Season sale this month!  Yes, Crumpler Philippines is having a sale this January 15-31, 2014.

Guess what?  30% to 80% off on their products!  Am very sure that I visit one of their branches so that I can get myself another awesome bag for my gadgets!  I’ll definitely drop by within the week so that I get first dibs! hehe!

If you’re new to Crumpler, let me share with you some reviews I’ve done for the products that I own:

Convinced now?  Then head on over to Crumpler’s branches in Metro Manila to get your dose of Crumpler bags & accessories.  See you when I see you!

Crumpler End of Season Sale
30-80% off
Participating branches: Bonifacio High Street, Robinsons Magnolia, Shangri-La Mall, Trinoma Mall

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Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System for iPhone

Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System for iPhone

I’ve been wanting to be physically fit for quite some time now.  Honestly, I really tried but I couldn’t sustain it.  Running has been my choice because it’s the cheapest form of exercise.  I don’t have to drive to a gym and pay super expensive monthly membership fees.  Since I don’t know how to use the exercise machines in the gym, I have to find myself a physical trainer which will cost me another few thousand bucks a month.  So yeah, running wins my vote.

There were a couple of times I tried to run in popular jogging places like UP, Ayala & the Fort.  However, just after 10 minutes, I couldn’t catch my breath.  I felt that I really don’t know how to jog or run at all!  I needed a coach to train me step by step.  I asked around but I couldn’t find a coach that is available for a 1:1.  If ever there is one available, it’ll cost me a fortune.

When I discovered the Pear Mobile Training Intelligence, I already know I found my answer!

Pear Intelligence Pro Box

Pear Training Intelligence is a smart, interactive personalised training system meant to improve our physical workouts.  Whether it’s running or biking, we will be able to train efficiently with the accessory.  We can do all this while listening to our favourite music!

What’s in the box?

Pear Intelligence Pro contents

  • Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Pear Stride earbuds with inline mic & controls
  • Two additional sizes of Earlock earbuds
  • Nylon Ripstop Gear Bag
  • Quick start guide.

3 Main Components of the Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System

Let me break down the Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System into its 3 main components so you can understand better how it works.

  1. Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Pear Intelligence Pro Heart Rate Monitor

Pear lets you analyse and track your workout through the Bluetooth heart rate monitor.  All we need to do is connect the heart rate monitor with the adjustable chest strap through a button.  Then you can simply go to the iPhone settings, enable bluetooth, then launch the Pear Training Intelligence iPhone application, connect the heart rate monitor to the app, and you’re good to go for your workout.

I also like that we can replace the heart rate monitor’s battery easily.  We just need to remove the battery from the back of the heart rate monitor, then replace with a new one.

Lastly, the heart rate monitor + chest strap is comfortable to wear.  This is especially important since our workout varies from 10 minutes to an hour or two.  You don’t have to worry about the size because the strap is adjustable.

  1. Pear Stride Earphones & Earlock Earpieces

Pear earphones

You need the Pear Stride earphones to be able to hear the coach train you on the training plans as well as listen to music while you work out.

Now, this is not your typical earphones because Pear Stride earphones were made to keep the earphones intact in your ears.  They won’t fall out easily while you are exercising.  Plus, you won’t be  so disconnected from the world because you can still hear sounds beside the training plan & your music.

The Pear Stride earphones has a three-button controls which are MFI (Made For iPad) certified, meaning it works perfectly with your iPhone.  With your earphones, you can control your music, answer calls, & access your live statistics for your workout.

  1. PEAR Sports Training Intelligence application for the iPhone

Pear iPhone app

The Pear Sports Training Application for the iPhone is the brain of the Pear Mobile system.  It’s basically where you can find all the interactive training plans, and where the workout statistics are tracked and reported.

The iOS application is FREE to download on the App Store.  It works perfectly with the Pear Mobile Intelligence system but can also work with other heart rate monitors.  But why will you use other branded heart rate monitors when the application is made especially for Pear Mobile accessories, right?

Various training plans are available for download.  Some are free and some are available for a fee.  Since I’m a beginner, there is already a number of free plans available suitable for me.  Take note that the coaches featured in the training plans are world class (i.e., Matt Fitzgerald, Jenny Hadfield, Robert Reames, Matt Dixon, Fit chef Katy, Ben Greenfield, Chelsea Gutmann, Newton Campbell, Noelle Kozak, and Macca).

What I like about using Pear Sports Intelligence iPhone app is that it works with MyFitnessPal app which I use to track my food intake.  With that compatibility, my Pear workout statistics are automatically sent to MyFitnessPal.  Really awesome!

PEAR Sports Training Intelligence application for the iPhone is easy to use.  You open the Pear application, pair the heart rate monitor, choose a workout, play your music, and you get an international coach who will help you every step of the way.  The PEAR app uses the iPhone’s GPS to track the speed and distance of the workout.

After you finish your workout, you’ll see a report of your heart rate, route map, calories burned, distance covered, and exercise duration.

My Experience

I believe the  Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System is perfect for my needs.  It’s very easy to use and I just love the personalised audio coaching which really motivates me during workouts.

Before I started using the available Pear training plans, I ran with the heart rate calibration session first.  It was a 20-minute workout that includes both walking & running.  The calibration session aims to determine your level of fitness.

On that session, I experienced first-hand how effective the Pear Mobile System is.  While I don’t have a physical coach with me, it felt just the same with the Pear iPhone app.  The coach was providing instructions every step of the way and was motivating me all throughout.  The voice was telling me to either increase or decrease the intensity of my run/walk and even telling me how I should feel at those levels.

With a press of a button, I can know my workout statistics at the time.  At the end of the workout, I get to see a complete report.  Since there are a lot of available training plans for download, I can definitely change my workout plan as I improve on my fitness level.

The Pear Mobile Intelligence System for iPhone is available at Php 4,450.  I believe it’s decently priced considering you get the tools to help you reach your fitness goals.  This is just like 1-2 months worth of fitness gym membership compared to the Pear mobile kit, you can use it whenever, wherever, with no time limit 🙂

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Case Mate Peacock Silicone Case for iPhone 5/5S

Case Mate Peacock Silicone Case for iPhone 5/5S

I’m the type of person who loves to match all my things based on what I wear on a given day.  That is why I got myself the Case Mate Peacock Silicone Case for my iPhone.

The Peacock Case is one of the designs featured in Case Mate’s creature series.  Other creatures include Pinky, Tigris, Waddler, Ellie, and Xing.  I chose Peacock because it was the most artistic, and I don’t have a blue case yet.  I thought that I would use the case if my outfit is either blue, gold or yellow.

It’s pretty simple case.  I can share with you three things that I like about the Case Mate Peacock Silicone Case for the iPhone 5/5S.

  1. Provides decent protection for the iPhone

Case Mate Peacock 3

The flexible silicone case provides decent protection to the iPhone.  It’s very easy to hold because of the textured & raised design.  All controls are accessible as well with the Case Mate Peacock case on.

  1. Extremely cute dangling feather charm

Case Mate Peacock 4

The super fun, matching charm that is attached to the case is a very, very nice touch!  I love that it matches the peacock design of the Case Mate product.  This was actually the reason why I chose to own this case.  It was just too adorable to pass up!

  1. Beautiful animal design

Case Mate Peacock 1

The peacock is one of the most beautiful creatures in the planet.  Case Mate did a very good job in using peacock as an inspiration to its Peacock silicone creature case.  They made a good design out of it which turned out to look so elegant.  Whoever sees the case only has one reaction, “cute!”.

Case Mate Peacock Silicone Case is cute, nice and all, but there’s one thing that I wish they improved on.  The case was pretty loose and it comes off quite easily.  I do not know if it was intentional but I felt the case was a bit  big for the iPhone 5.  Maybe, they knew that people who would be getting the case will be changing iPhone cases often.

Since I only use this case when I wear certain outfits, it didn’t bother me that the case was loose.  However, this might be an issue to a few people who would want to keep this as a permanent sole case for their iPhone 5/5S.

Case Mate Peacock

Case Mate Peacock Silicone Case for he iPhone 5/5S is available in the Philippines at Php 1,248.

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Nude Audio Move M Bluetooth Speaker

Nude Audio Move M Bluetooth Speaker

Nude Audio M… my first impression was, “why is the speaker named nude?”.  When I observed the speaker further, I realised that it must be because of the minimalistic design.  The black/coral colour that I got have only a hint of coral on the speaker just to bring out the brand name, plus the cord which gives the product character.

I like the look of Nude Audio Move M speaker because it’s different from all the speakers in the market.  I guess it pays that the makers of the Nude Audio Move speaker were actually fashion manufacturers.  With every product out there, the appearance wins the first moment of truth for the buyers.

What’s in the Box?

Nude Audio Move M 3

  • Nude Audio Move M Speaker
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Nude Audio Stickers

The Nude Audio Move M Bluetooth Speaker

There are 3 available sizes for the Nude Audio speaker.  However, I like the M (medium) better because it has the speakerphone function which the S (small) doesn’t have.  TheL (large), while good, doesn’t make sense for me to have as I already have a similar type at home.

The Nude Audio Move M speaker is pretty straightforward.  It has 5 features that I like:

  1. Portable

Nude Audio Move M 4

The size is just right.  The Nude Audio Move M speaker fits perfectly with my hand while I hold it.  That means that I can bring it with me anywhere.  It fits inside my bag too!  I wouldn’t have any problems bringing it just in case I need a speaker with me outside my home.

  1. Sturdy

Nude Audio Move M 6

The Move M speaker is made of thick silicone that protects the accessory from bumps.  The silicone is smooth to the hands and actually feels nice when you hold it.  I don’t have to worry about knocking it off or accidentally dropping it because I know that there’s this protective sleeve in the Nude Audio Move M speaker.

Nude Audio Move M 2

Plus, I can use the nylon strap to further protect the speaker from falling down.  We can use the colourful strap to hang, clip on, and sway on the Nude Audio Move M.

But of course, we take care of our things all the time.  I just like that we have this sense of security that it won’t break when accident happens.

  1. Battery Life

Nude Audio Move M 7

The Nude Audio Move M Speaker lasts until 7-8 hours based on my experience.  The battery life is decent especially for a portable accessory.  I can use this for several hours straight just listening to music or using it for conference calls.

  1. Connects to Smartphones & Tablets

The Nude Audio Move M works on bluetooth enabled devices.  It works as long as the speaker is within ten meters with the paired device.  The speaker is easy to pair with since we only need to pair it once, then it remembers the device from there on.

Nude Move M speaker can remember up to 8 devices.

Nude Audio Move M 9

No bluetooth?  Don’t worry!  Because you can connect the Nude Audio Move M speaker with any non-bluetooth gadget via the Aux-in socket.  It works just as great.  Only difference is the distance between the device & speaker is limited to the size of the cable.

Nude Audio Move M 11

  1. Decent Speaker Sound + Speakerphone

Nude Audio Move M 10

Last, but definitely not the least, is the performance of the Nude Audio Move M speaker itself.  I tried listening to  music for several days just to make confirm my impression of the sounds.  The sound is pretty good for a portable device.

What I like about Move M is its speakerphone function.  I have numerous conference calls every weekdays.  I need a speakerphone so I don’t need to hold my mobile phone every time.  The calls were pretty clear.  However, there were times wherein the people I talked to couldn’t hear me well.  I guess this is pretty normal for bluetooth speakers used as speakerphones.


Nude Audio Move M 5

For a portable speaker, the Nude Audio Move M is already an awesome choice!  It might not have the clear & crisp sounds of those huge speakers but it functions as advertised.  It looks pretty slick too!

The Nude Move M is pretty affordable compared to most bluetooth speakers in the market.  Priced at Php 2,990, I believe it’s good value for money.

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Adonit Jot Mini

Adonit Jot Mini

I had the Adonit Jot Mini for quite some time.  Drawing is definitely not my forte but I felt the need to have a stylus because there are times that I would want to draw on the screen in order to make a point.  It would be nice to have a stylus ready whenever I need one.

Adonit is a famous brand for stylus which started as a kickstarter campaign.  Apart from successfully making the project a reality, the product did prove that it works!  The Jot Mini is one of my most prized iPad accessory that I bring with me every single day.  It’s useful and a must-have for iPad users.

Adonit Jot Mini 7

Adonit Jot Mini is a pure stylus.  I realized I might want to get another stylus model of Adonit as I want to bring only one pen with me.  A stylus that will also double as a real pen.  But of course, some people would want to prefer it separate.

The Adonit Jot Mini is a good buy with a price point of Php 950.  It’s a premium product and you will definitely feel that the Jot Mini is high quality when you get to hold and use it.

The Size, Make & Look

Adonit Jot Mini

As the name says, the Jot Mini is pretty tiny with only 4-inches in length.  The stylus is compact which is perfect for people who are always on the go.  The Jot Mini is thin and fits perfectly on small bags or tiny pockets.

Adonit Jot Mini might not resemble the size of a real pen but I believe it’s as comfortable and as useful as the full-sized pen.  It’s made of aluminium and comes in a variety of colors (red, green, purple, & turquoise).  Of course, I had to choose red because (surprise!) it’s my favorite colour 🙂

Protective Cap

adonit jot mini 2

The protective cap which screws on either end of the Jot Mini is pure genius!  I tend to lose the cap of my pen especially after using it since I had to set it aside.  With Jot Mini, I do not have to worry about losing the cap anymore.

It’s not just preventing misplacing the cap but protecting the stylus tip when not in use as well.  Lastly, screwing the cap at the back of the Adonit Jot Mini gives extra length to the stylus which makes it easier for us to write or draw.

Mobile Clip

Adonit Jot Mini 4

Men usually put their pens on their shirt while women put them on their lanyards.  I, on the other hand, puts my pen inside the bag.

The Adonit Jot Mini has a curved cut at the back of the stylus.  The cut serves as a clip where you can put the stylus on your shirt pocket or on lanyards.  I don’t use this feature much as I’m afraid that it might fall off but it’s a nice feature to have nevertheless.

I use it sometimes when I have to use the stylus for a long time so I clip it on my pocket temporarily.

Fine-Point Stylus

Adonit Jot Mini 5

The iPad is a touchscreen device.  We use our finger to navigate through the screen.

Adonit had to create a stylus that would simulate a finger.  At the same time, the stylus had to work as a pen.  In result, Adonit styluses like the Jot Mini has clear plastic disc at its tip.  The disc is thick enough to register a touch on the screen.  At the middle of the disc is a metal pointed tip which serves as the pen.  Since the disc is transparent, we’ll be able to see how we use the stylus (pen stokes).  That means using the Jot Mini on the iPad is similar to how we use pen and paper.  It’s not exactly the same experience but definitely close.

I appreciate the accuracy and precision of Adonit Jot Mini.  Just look at the image below.  That’s a drawing made by a colleague during a wedding of a common friend.

Adonit Jot Mini 3

Care & Maintenance

Adonit Jot Mini 6

Since I got myself a screen protector already, I didn’t have to worry anymore about scratching my iPad screen. The Jot Mini is not dust-proof.  One has to give much care for the accessory as dust will definitely pile up with constant use.  If you don’t want to see scratches on your iPad screen due to dirt/dust, then it’s best to clean the Jot Mini often especial the tip.

The clear disc is snapped onto a ball tip at the end of the stylus so it is very easy to take it off and clean thoroughly.  If ever an unfortunate accident happen and you ended up with a damaged disc, you can buy a replacement from Adonit ($6).

The Jot Mini is available at your favorite Apple reseller shops in Manila.

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