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How to Restore & Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

Just some helpful tips for iPhone users like me

  1. Open iTunes & Connect your iPhone to your Mac/PC.
  2. Press & Hold Sleep/Wake Button & Home Button at the same time
  3. Release Sleep/Wake Button as soon as the iPhone screen goes blank.
  4. Continue pressing the Home Button until iTunes prompt you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.
  5. in iTunes, click Restore

  6. Click Restore & Update

  7. iTunes will now restore & update your iPhone

  8. iTunes will let you know once it’s done, just click OK.

  9. you’re done

Globe announces iPhone3G Plans

Everyone has been anticipating on what kind of plans Globe will come up with the most-awaited Apple iPhone 3G.

Now, it’s here… I’m kinda expecting that Globe will take advantage of this and will really make this expensive for us. Well, turned out to be true.

Here are just some details:

  • Pre-Paid – Php41,899 (8GB), Php 48,899 (16GB)
  • GText (500) – Php29,000 (8GB), Php 34,500 (16GB)
  • GMix (800) – Php25,700 (8GB), Php 31,100 (16GB)
  • GTalk (1,200) – Php23,800 (8GB), Php29,300 (16GB)
  • GTalk Plus (1,800) – Php22,000 (8GB), Php27,500 (16GB)
  • GMatch (2,500) – Php20,000 (8GB), Php25,500 (16GB)
  • Plan 1599 – Php16,800 (8GB), Php22,300 (16GB)
  • Plan 2199 – Php14,600 (8GB), Php20,000 (16GB)
  • Plan 3299 – Php12,300 (8GB), Php17,800 (16GB)
  • Plan 3999 – Php5,600 (8GB), Php11,000 (16GB)
  • Plan 4999 – FREE (8GB), Php5,500 (16GB)

You can get more information here.

Good for me as I already have a 1st generation iPhone and I don’t need or even want to upgrade as we can also have the firmware 2.0 anyway.

I felt that Apple should not have announced that they are bringing down the price to $199 in order for other people to experience this beautiful gadget. It’s just misleading.

Anyhow, I feel a lot of people will still grab the opportunity and get a new iPhone via Globe.

Hey, it’s still worth it. I love my iPhone 🙂