Lego Miniland at Bonifacio High Street

Lego Miniland

While we were walking along the Fort last Sunday after dinner, we checked out the Lego Miniland.  Oh boy, seeing the exhibit brought me back to my childhood.  I wished I was still young so that I can enjoy every bit of the displays, the toys, everything! I know Lego is good for all ages. […]

Temple Run Tournament at Beyond the Box

Temple Run Beyond the Box

I’ve been seeing tweets posted by friends sharing their scores at Temple Run.  At first, I ignored them.  However, more and more people are tweeting about it.  I became curious!  What is Temple Run and why is everyone tweeting about it? So I checked out the link to one of the Temple Run tweets.  Then […]

My Solitaire Experience

solitaire 1

The game of solitaire is no doubt one of those games that gets shot down just because of all the games available out there especially to gamers.  Even when it comes to card games it is often underrated just because we dont have long lines at the casinos for people wanting to play this game. […]

Starcraft II – Definitely Worth the Wait

How do you improve on Starcraft, the top selling computer game of all time?  How much time do you take to develop the sequel?  How do you improve on one of the pinnacles of computer games and its genre real-time strategy games?  This is after all a game that has an almost universal following in […]

My Favorite World of Warcraft (WoW) Add-Ons

A year ago, I wrote an entry stating that I had cancelled my World of Warcraft (WoW) subscription.  That was because I realized that it had become addicting & I had to stop myself from playing too much. Well, just last week, when people were raving about Starcraft II, I decided to play WoW again.  Just […]

5 Reasons Why I Love Sony Playstation 3

There has been so much history between me and my Sony Playstation 3.  I’ve been wanting to purchase one since 2 years ago!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t save enough money to get one.  Finally last year, I had enough dollars to get the all new PS3 Slim w/c was a bit cheaper than the old models […]

Family Game Night

If there’s one thing that I really love to do as a group, it would be to play board games or any other games we can do for fun. Since I live alone, I don’t have that chance to have any Family Game Night in my lifetime.  I do wish to have one.  What I […]

HKO: Alba & Her Journey to Level 15

I posted an entry a week ago regarding Hello Kitty Online.  I just registered that day & the week after, my character now reaches level 15!  Wohoo! Meet Alba, my HKO character. She’s currently a week old.  Born last August 24, 2009 and has blood type AB.  She’s very jolly and hardworking.Throughout the week, she […]

Hello Kitty Online

I attended the Hello Kitty Online Bloggers Party at Yaku Restaurant, Podium Mall last August 20, 2009. It was attended by bloggers and organized by Level Up, sponsored by Level Up, Sanrio & Netopia. Pictures from the event can be found here. They gave us a demo of the game and also raffled out prizes, […]

Roch’s Games Wishlist

I’m a gamer too but not a good one! hahaha! I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft but stopped a few months ago due to time constraints. There are lots more games that I used to play: counterstrike, sims, c&c generals, etc. Playing games is also one source of stress reliever, enjoyment, […]