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Recipe: Saucy Adobong Kangkong

Saucy Adobong Kangkong Recipe

I’m one of those who loves vegetables especially Kangkong.  I find it great that Kangkong is very cheap with supermarkets selling them for Php10-15 a bunch.  However, there is one type of Kangkong that I really like — the very saucy Kangkong.  The ones that we usually see are those with only a bit of sauce and while I find those yummy too, I still prefer the one with more sauce.  I guess I just like to put some sauce to my rice which makes my meal more enjoyable to eat. Read More

Recipe: Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo

There was a time that I was so addicted to fried chicken.  I would ever 6 pieces of chicken to eat for the whole day and I did that for years.  So when I started to cook for myself, I try to stay away from chicken. I felt I just had an overdose of chicken for years.  However, this is an exception.  I’ve cooked pork adobo a couple of times already.  This time, I needed to try the chicken adobo version.

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Recipe: Kimchi Soup

kimchi soup recipe

My mom loves Kimchi soup.  Whenever we go to a Korean restaurant, Kimchi stew is always her order.  I tried looking for a recipe of Kimchi stew and I got a little scared in trying it.  So in preparation for Kimchi stew, I tried the simpler Kimchi soup first!  Glad, Maangchi has recipe for all popular Korean dishes.  It’s my go-to-place for anything Korean food 🙂 Read More

Recipe: Bicol Express

Bicol Express Recipe

A lot of people I know are fond of spicy food and I’m one of them.  I remember when I was still a little girl, we had a house helper who cooked really good food.  She came from Bicol and one of her specialties is the Bicol Express.  Now, that I’m grown up already.  I have learned to cook my own version of Bicol Express.  Thanks to the internet for having the recipe available online. Read More

Recipe: Pancake Muffins

Pancake Muffins Recipe

I got a couple of pancake mixes at home.  One day, I was a bit experimental and wanted to try something new.  I didn’t want to just create normal pancakes but something interesting to eat and enjoy.  Thus, I was glad to see a recipe online that is both yummy to look at and easy to recreate:  The Pancake Muffins! Read More