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Recipe: Bok Choy Guisado

Bok Choy Guisado Recipe

To my goal of complicating the dishes that I cook, I chose the Bok Choy Guisado with Pork and Shrimp this time.  I know the cooking method is still very easy. However, the Bok Choy Guisado that I cooked before is just plain Bok Choy.  So with the addition of ingredients, it’s still considered levelling up, hehehe! Read More

Recipe: Instant Korean Ramen

Instant Korean Ramen

For today, I’ll be sharing one of my guilty pleasures, the Korean Ramen.  I usually have Korean Ramen cooked at home whenever I’m sick.  The reason for this is I just can’t get myself to prepare anything if I’m feeling weak.  Though it’s quite ironic that instant ramen os unhealthy, I still cook Korean Ramen when I’m under the weather.  Maybe, I’ll find something else easy to cook the next time I get sick.  But right now, Korean Ramen is still my go-to food. Read More

Recipe: Tortang Talong

Tortang Talong Recipe

Since it’s good friday, I’m sharing an all-vegetable recipe.  Tortang Talong is the dish I always cook whenever I don’t have time to think or if I’m in a rush.  Even if there are only four ingredients, the taste is still superb.  Plus, we can be full already with just 1-2 pieces of tortang talong coupled with plain rice.

I can eat Tortang Talong everyday and i won’t be complaining! 🙂 Read More

Recipe: Ampalaya Guisado

Ampalaya guisado recipe

I remember having tomato sauce at home and couldn’t think of anything to use it with.  So that day, I searched through Del Monte website to look for ideas.  I found this new recipe I haven’t tried — Ampalaya Guisado.  The usual stir-fried ampalaya that I know is with eggs but apparently, there is one version that uses salted beans and tomato sauce. Read More

Recipe: Picadillo with Potatoes

Picadillo with Potatoes Recipe

Whenever I go to S&R, I always get ground beef and ground pork.  I just thought that both are must-have items in the kitchen.  And since I always stock up on ground meat, I ended up cooking lots of dishes with it.  For today, the recipe that I’m going to share is picadillo with potatoes. Read More