This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life 2014

This Journal Will Actually Change Someones Life 2014

When typhoon Yolanda struck in the Philippines, the true Filipino bayanihan shone!  Everyone was so eager to help.  Well, it doesn’t stop now.  You get to help when you buy your very own Change Journal 2014!  A hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds go directly to Yolanda victims via Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc. Lifeline […]

Lock & Lock New Food Preparation Mate

Lock & Lock New Food Preparation Mate

Lock & Lock is a Korean company known for its containers with four sides interlocking system.  It has since expanded its product line to include water bottles, pitchers, lunch boxes, glass & ceramic wares and a lot more.  The company has gone a long way.  I, myself, am a big fan considering I use lock & […]

Meralco Bright Idea – Switch to Induction Cooking

Meralco Bright Idea - Switch to Induction Cooking

Most of my salary goes to bills.  That’s why I always find ways to save money in order to lessen costs. Meralco introduced Bright Ideas.  This is an impressive campaign!  With this campaign, Meralco suggests that we switch from using LPG stoves to using an Induction Cooker. According to Meralco, an Induction Cooker is an […]

Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

Group Buying Sites List

A lot of people have been asking me what group buying sites are.  I decided to just put up a list here in HeaRty’s Haven.  This can serve as a reference for all of us.  I myself have to clean up my bookmarks and create a folder just for this alone.  The group buying sites […]

Planner People

Planner People

As 2011 is fast approaching, more and more companies are releasing their own versions of personal planners.  Most have too much stuff going on with the planners: too many ads, too many coupons, too many photos, etc. I recently discovered a new planner which is quite the opposite compared to what we see with other […]

Real Living Room by Room Makeover Book Launch

Last friday, I attended the Real Living’s Room by Room Makeover Book Launch.  I was really excited to attend this event as I have wanted to renovate our house. I have been struggling for months to renovate my house due to water leaks in my upstairs bathroom.  To repair would be substantial & so I’ve […]

Project Ondoy: Real Living Gives Back

Real Living is offering a contest for readers whose homes have been damaged by the Ondoy Typhoon.  It’s called Project Ondoy: Real Living Gives Back. Project Ondoy is a special contest that is open to Real Living readers residing in Metro Manila, Marikina, Cainta & Antipolo. Qualified readers are given the chance to win over […]

Pillows at Me & U

picture from Me&U multiply site While walking around the new Eastwood mall, saw this super cool shop called Me&U – Stuff for togetherness. Located at the 3rd floor, it showcases things for couples. Every material has its partner. Things like mugs, pillows, lamps, shirts, etc. I think it is the 1st in the Philippines. I […]

Asahi IO-6069 Remote Control Stand Fan

I bought this electric fan sometime last week. I never thought that there’s already a remote control fan available in the market. So when i was able to see it in the store, I was like… wow! Nice, we can have remote-control fan & we can also set the timer! Major coolness!!! It’s pretty easy […]

Samsung 32” LA32A550P1F Series 5 HD LCD TV

The Sony Trinitron and the Sanyo TV in our house failed on us already. Both TVs has their picture tubes broken. Since watching TV is part of my everyday life, I’ll need to purchase a new television. Since LCD TVs are very popular these days, I felt that buying another CRT TV is just a […]