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Mom’s Cooking Volume 7

Mom's Cooking Volume 7

My mom’s excellent cooking already translated to my weight :O Read More

Mom’s Cooking Volume 6

Mom's Cooking Volume 6

My mom’s cooking series is already on its 6th volume!  Oh my gosh!  My mom definitely continues to amaze us.  6th week and she continues to cook different set of dishes. Read More

Mom’s Cooking Volume 5

Mom's Cooking Volume 5

My challenge for mom is to cook healthier food.  My mom tends to cook more meat dishes and she’s extremely good at it. Read More

Mom’s Cooking Volume 4

Mom's Cooking Volume 4

I love soups especially now that it rains often these days.  Mom took that into heart and cooked more soup dishes.  I’m a lucky gal 🙂 Read More

Mom’s Cooking Volume 3

Mom's Cooking Volume 3

My mom continues to cook super yummy dishes.  And yes, I gained a lot of weight already 😛

Read More