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Mom’s Cooking Volume 11

Mom's Cooking Volume 11

My mom treats our kitchen as her office.  It’s so funny whenever she mentions that she needs to clean her office or start working there.  LOL! Read More

Mom’s Cooking Volume 10

Mom's Cooking Volume 10

My mom’s cooking series is now on its 2nd year! Yehey! Read More

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree

I do not really celebrate the holidays because I used to spend it alone.  So for the past 10 years or so, all those Decembers were normal for me.  But this year is different!!! 😀 Read More

Mom’s Cooking Volume 9

Mom's Cooking Volume 9

I’m now back sharing again wonderful yummy dishes cooked by my loving mom 🙂 Read More

Mom’s Cooking Volume 8

Mom's Cooking Volume 8

My mom felt challenged because I’ve been posting her cooking here in my blog.  So she was very active in looking for new dishes to whip up! hahaha!   Read More