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Productive Pinoy by Yeng Remulla

Productive Pinoy by Yeng Remulla

I used to read a lot of books.  I remember setting aside Php 5,000 every year just to buy a bunch of books at National Bookstore (last time I did this was 10 years ago).  I don’t know why I stopped but maybe I got overdosed with self-help books.  I still read books every now and then but not as much as I did before.

I do think I will go back to my old habit.  You know why?
Because I started reading the most influential and inspiring book a Filipino has ever written.

I never thought that a book will have that kind of effect in me.  Seriously, I’ve browsed through the book for 2 weeks now.  I have to read it over and over.  Right now, I’m on my 4th time in reading it.  However, I’m taking my time as I’m jotting down notes while I read through the pages.

Before I write any further, the book I am pertaining to is Productive Pinoy.  It’s written by a 33-year old entrepreneur named Yeng Remulla.  If you love Pinoy bands, you might remember him as the keyboardist of True Faith.

Yeng is younger than me but this guy has so much wisdom.  Reading Yeng Remulla’s book is like talking to a mentor a hundred times.  His book is just full of precious lessons to live by.  Since Yeng is a Filipino, we can relate a lot to his experiences in life.

Reading Productive Pinoy

Productive Pinoy by Yeng Remulla is being sold at Php 395.00.  It’s such a small price to pay for the countless lessons we can take away from the book.  It’s like enrolling in trainings like time management, productivity and 7 habits of highly effective people rolled into one.  The book is truly a gem and I’m NOT exaggerating.

Let me share some of my key takeaways from the Productive Pinoy book:

  • We can succeed in life and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  But in order to reach that point, we cannot be spectators in life.  We need to participate and take action.
  • Many kids grow up believing that they are really “worthless” as they have been told repeatedly.  It creates a subconscious limitation that hinders them from being achievers.  The truth is our creator designed us to be fruitful as told in the Bible.  Not worthless, but valued.  You can always choose to be the person you are destined to be.  Believe that you are of great value!  Be convinced.  You have been crafted with loving care.
  • Stop putting off that remarkable idea in your head!  You may be the only person who is seeing the possibilities for now, but thousands of people may benefit on what you’re about to do.  Go ahead and start something!
  • Instead of aspiring for balance, search for the right work fit.  You can’t find fulfillment simply by counting or balancing the number of hours you put to your work or your life.  Operate in your area of strength.  Get in the zone.  The more you excel in what you do, the lesser it feels like work.  And when you enjoy your work, it will come easy for you to enjoy the rest.  The only time you’ll ever be living is in this moment.  Make every second of your life count.
  • Proving you can reach the top to impress people you don’t like is the route you should always avoid.  It’s tiring and counter-productive.  We are defined by who we are and not by what we do.  Because we know who we are, we can define what we can do and achieve.

What I really appreciate in Productive Pinoy and how Yeng wrote it is that it makes us wanna change our mindset in things for the better.  It doesn’t just provide us tips on how to be more productive but it helps us change the way we think in general.  I know it will take me some time to change but I’m determined to follow the lessons I learned in the Productive Pinoy book.  I won’t let the author’s efforts go to waste (at least in my case).

Thank you so much Yeng for sharing your life lessons with us.  It’s rare that people like Yeng Remulla can share those important tips to us.  Usually, dads will keep it from the world and will just share those crucial lessons to their children.

So do yourself a favor and head on over to your favorite bookstores and purchase Productive Pinoy by Yeng Remulla.  I highly recommend it.

Productive Pinoy Cover

Book: Productive Pinoy
Author: Yeng Remulla
Release Date: September 15, 2011
Price: Php 395.00
Where to Buy:

  • National Bookstores
  • Powerbooks
  • Fully Booked
  • Central Books
  • New Day Publishing
  • Emerald Headway Distributors
  • For Corporate orders, please email

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Stanley Chi’s Book: Suplado Tips

Suplada Tips Stanley Chi

I’m not updated anymore with any new published books.  I realized I don’t have much time to go to bookstores and check on what’s new & notable.  I just visit bookstores to quickly buy books that are being recommended by friends and colleagues.

Early this week, I got a message from one of my friends, Stanley Chi.  He told me that he got a new book called Suplado Tips.  He was asking for my mailing address as he wanted to give me a copy of his first ever humor book.  I was excited and it took me just two days to wait for the Suplado Tips book to arrive.

I immediately browsed through the pages of the book.  I was laughing as I read Suplado Tips!  I actually asked my male colleagues to read it too!  They enjoyed reading as well.  Why wouldn’t you want to get some cool, witty suplado tips to use right?  Or maybe, if you really can’t find the courage to apply what Stanley Chi shared in Suplado Tips then you can act it out in your imagination.

Who is Stanley Chi?

Stanley Chi

I know Stanley Chi is already well-known.  He’s the cartoonist behind the comic strip Chopsticks that is being published in Manila Bulletin every sunday since 8 years ago.  He then went on to become a stand-up comedian (I actually first met him during one of his shows before).  He also entered television through a comedy show, Front Act with Mike Unson.

Stanley Chi has been busy and continued on a new venture by publishing his first ever comic book, Suplado Tips.  Do you know that this venture started with a simple impromptu post in Facebook?  He posted a suplado tip like “Kung may nagtampo sa iyo dahil na-sampolan mo ng supladong hirit, hiritan mo ng, ‘Hindi ko na problema yan!‘ (If someone resents you for your snide retort, just say, ‘That’s no longer my problem!’)”.  He then posted several more in his Facebook Page and they spread like wildfire.

The overwhelming popularity of Stanley Chi’s suplado tips in Facebook prompted PSICOM Publishing Inc.’s Tom Aquitana to ask Stanley to compile all his tips into a book.

Stanley Chi even got Ramon Bautista to write the foreword in the book!  Even just the foreword, I was already laughing!  Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips is definitely a fun read!

Stanley Chi Ramon Bautista

The book is trying to send a message that Suplado is the new SEXY.  Do you agree?  Well, if you do then I’m sure you’re already planning to go to either National Bookstore or Fully Booked to get your own copy of Suplado Tips (Php 95).  In case you cannot wait any longer, you can go to and purchase online (they are currently on sale!).

For my non-pinoy friends, I’m truly sorry but the book was written in Filipino.  I guess the book was made with the Pinoy in mind.  Maybe, we can pitch this idea to Stanley to make an English version of it.  Stanley, if you’re reading this, you might wanna consider 😉

I’ll leave you with my top 3 favorite Suplado Tips from Stanley Chi:

  • Suplado Tip # 6: Kung panay ang tanong sayo ng kakilala mo, hiritan mo ng “Don’t ask me, ask Mr Webster!”
  • Suplado Tip # 30: Kung ayaw mong mabasted ng babae, huwag kang manligaw!
  • Suplado Tip # 93: Kung may nagtanong sayo kung sino ka at ano ang trabaho mo, hiritan mo ng “GOOGLE ME!”

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Is it Hot in here or Is it Me Book Launch

Is it hot in here or is it me by RJ Ledesma

I was a bit hesitant when I got an invite to attend RJ Ledesma’s book launch.  Why?  Because RJ’s newest book is entitled ‘Is it hot in here or is it me? RJ Ledesma’s Imaginary Guide to Flirting, Body Language & Pick-up Artists‘.  I thought that the book was meant for guys.  I’m obviously a girl.  It doesn’t make sense for me to read such a book.

But I was curious!  I know of RJ Ledesma as a Filipino child star (remember Tru-Orange commercial?).  I also know RJ as part of the team behind Mercato Centrale & UNO magazine.  It was only when I got invited to the book launch that I discovered that he’s also a writer, and a witty & funny one too!

I wanted to get hold of this book and read RJ Ledesma’s works.  I’m glad I went to the well-attended and successful book launch.  RJ Ledesma’s family, friends and fans were in full support.  VIP guests including RJ’s wife was there to perform ribbon cutting at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4.

ribbon cutting rj ledesma book

I just finished reading the book and gee, RJ Ledesma is definitely a man with many talents.  I never knew that he was such a funny, funny man!  The book gives hope for single men and no girlfriends since birth.  hahaha!  Now, I know that not only girls do read a lot of self-help books, RJ does it too!  He refers to a lot of relationship books while inserting a lot of jokes which we can relate to, makes it really so fun to read (not to mention, educational too!).

He shares what kind body language that women send out to men.  He clearly mentioned that it’s actually the girls who make the 1st move.  It’s just hard for men to pick up the signals thus letting the opportunity go.  As a girl, it’s enlightening to read that we do actually perform such actions.  Unconsciously so, sometimes 😉

RJ also shares and elaborates the 5 Stages of Flirting:

  1. Attention Getting Stage a.k.a. ‘Kulang sa Pansin’ Stage
  2. Recognition Stage a.k.a. ‘Closer You and I’ Stage
  3. Talk Stage a.k.a. ‘Words get in the way’ Stage
  4. Touch Stage a.k.a. ‘You’ve got the Touch!’ Stage
  5. Total Body Synchrony a.k.a. ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ Stage

At the last part, he talks about professional pickup.  The book is definitely a good, fun read.  Actually, a lot of guests were already laughing so hard just listening to RJ explain what the book is about.  Some had read a chapter while waiting for the event to start and I saw how successful RJ was able to make people laugh by reading his works.  I myself find it informational and a lot of people can truly relate.

RJ ledesma book launching

RJ Ledesma was very nice in person.  We patiently queued to get his autograph with the book.  He asked each guest some questions so he can address us better with his autograph.  He graciously accepted our request for photo op too!

If you notice in the picture below, he was wearing the same clothes as the cover of the book.  Hilarious! LOLz!

Rj and Roch at Book Launch

By the way, here’s an excerpt.  Just to give you an idea what you can expect in the book.  I swear, you’ll laugh your heart out while reading!  I did!

After years of countless knife injuries, researchers from the Social Issues Research Center have actually computed the appropriate distance you can maintain with a woman whom you flirt with for the first time.  When you are four feet from her (about 2 small steps away), you are on the borderline between what is known as the “Social zone or the Willie Revillame zone” (within 4-12 feet) and the “Personal zone or the Jojo Alejar zone” (between 18 inches to 4 feet).  This is the average distance that you maintain where she can still reject you without having to resort to bodily harm.  If you are more or less certain that she is not concealing any bladed weapons, you can move into the “Arm’s length zone or the Vic Sotto zone” (about 2 feet 6 inches.  I’m not kidding.  About Vic Sotto).  Do not attempt to cross the Sotto zone and move within 18 inches of her unless you are her gynecologist.  The “intimate zone” (a level that few mortals have achieved, so I have labeled this as the legendary “Dolphy zone”) is reserved only for lovers, family members, close friends and domestic animals.

You can buy your own copy of Is it hot in here or is it me book by RJ Ledesma at your favorite book stores for Php220.

Laking National 1-day Advance Sale – Aug 27 2009


Today is my lucky day.  The event that I was supposed to go to got cancelled but I already filed for a half-day leave.  I decided to just chill at Trinoma Mall.  Look what I found!  1-day Advance Sale at National Bookstore!

You know why I just feel so glad I discovered this?  Because I’ve been planning to buy the Lonely Planet guides for quite some time coz I’ll be going to Taiwan next month.  I wanted to make good use of my time and travel to the places that I should visit in Taiwan.

I was about to buy yesterday but I ended up not getting it because we can’t figure out the balance left in my Ayala eGC.  I was thinking of just buying it next time.  Now I know why it happened.. because… of the 1-day advance sale for Laking National members today!!!  Wohoo!

Just to give you an idea why I’m so happy with my purchase..  I bought the ff.:


  • Lonely Planet: China (Php 1,349.00) – bought it for Php 809.50 at 40% off!!!
  • Lonely Planet: Taiwan (Php 1,559.00) – bought it for Php 587.50 at 75% off 😀
Happiness Indeed! 🙂  Take note, they are still the latest issue (published last 2007).

Take note though that this is exclusively for Laking National members.  I was not a member until I discovered this so I applied for one without hesitation.  What is Php100 if you can save as much as Php1,511.00!!!