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My Favorite World of Warcraft (WoW) Add-Ons

A year ago, I wrote an entry stating that I had cancelled my World of Warcraft (WoW) subscription.  That was because I realized that it had become addicting & I had to stop myself from playing too much.

Well, just last week, when people were raving about Starcraft II, I decided to play WoW again.  Just to get a feel of it, and to know if I am still a gamer.  Do I still love PC games a lot?  And the answer is yes!  Hahaha!  I’m actually thinking of creating a site dedicated to World of Warcraft LOLz!!

Anyway, in this post, I will share with you the add-ons I use in order to make my WoW gaming experience more enjoyable & less stressful:

  • QuestHelper

quest helper

this is indispensable for me.  It helps me finish my quests faster.  It provides for me the locations where I can find the monsters or things I need to finish the quest.  It’s a huge database considering how big the game already is.  Looking at the notes, seems like the creators won’t be updating this further, I hope someone picks it up & continues working on the add-on.  It will be a waste if they stop developing QuestHelper.  If that happens, I may need to find an alternative.

  • TomTom


for WoW maps & minimaps.  My main use of this add-on is for 2 things: coordinates a window that can let me see my character’s exact location & an arrow that points out where my character’s corpse is.

  • Overachiever


If you’re like me, someone who wants to complete all the achievements in WoW then this add-on is for you.  It shows us our progress with our achievements.  One thing that I love with this add-on is whenever we need the item or NPC for an achievement, it shows up when you hover your curser over it so you’d know what to do.

  • SellJunk


the name says it all.  It helps us sort out all the junk in our bags and with just a click, we can automatically sell them all.  No need to waste time in clicking the items that we need to sell one by one — wohoo! 🙂

  • EveryQuest


I’m OC and I bet a lot of WoW players are too.  We want to complete each & every quest available in a faction.  EveryQuest can help us track that, plus it lists down all available quests in every area.

  • Auctioneer


Very useful when you auction, it gives you complete listings, age of auction & a lot more.  A must-have for every WoW player.

  • ArkInventory


Once you play WoW, you really need to learn how to act fast, think fast & do a lot of things at the same time.  In the game, we are given bag slots.  It’s a pain whenever you need to find a certain item and you forget which bag you put it in.  You have to open each bag to see where it’s at.  With this add-on, it helps organize the items by category.  When you click on one bag, you can see your items neatly organized in a single glance.

  • Atlas


for some weird reason, WoW does not provide us maps of instances/dungeons.  This add-on helps fill this gap.  Unless you want to explore blindly, then I would suggest you to download this add-on.
What’s yours?

** I’m currently playing at stormscape server as a blood elf mage.  If you play there too, add me up.  My horde character’s name is fruitshake. **

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5 Reasons Why I Love Sony Playstation 3

There has been so much history between me and my Sony Playstation 3.  I’ve been wanting to purchase one since 2 years ago!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t save enough money to get one.  Finally last year, I had enough dollars to get the all new PS3 Slim w/c was a bit cheaper than the old models of Sony Playstation 3.

I found the prices here in the Philippines to be very steep, so I sought the help of my mom’s friend to buy it for me.  Since we were both planning to go visit my mom at the same time, I took the opportunity as PS3 in the United States was a bit cheaper.  I can save like Php 3,000 if I did!

I was too excited to finally have my own Sony PS3!  When I arrived in Taiwan, news came to me that my PS3 was stolen in the airport! *sniff*.   I don’t want to bore you with the details but I ended up buying another Sony Playstation 3 Slim at Taipei.  I got the Sony PS3 bundle with the unit, extra controller, & HDMI cable at 11,880NT.  Super worth it!   Sony Playstation 3 is the best gaming console in the market!

Here are my reasons why I love this wonderful gaming console:

  1. Wireless & Wifi enabled
    Keeping up with technology, this is definitely one of the best reasons why I love Sony PS3.  The dual-shock controller is wireless, I don’t have to worry about wires or even have to fall accidentally coz of it.  I can go around the room holding the wireless controller.  Total coolness!

    I also love that Sony Playstation 3 has built-in Wifi!  I can download firmware in just one click.  I can chat with my friends online.  I can stream movies from my laptop.  Awesomeness, don’t you think?

  2. Blu-ray
    Best invention by Sony Playstation team ever!  I just love that Sony PS3 is not just a gaming machine but a great movie player.  My golly, it’s in Blu-ray!  And I even have to buy an HD TV just to be able to keep up with PS3.

    One more, Sony PS3 can play 3D Blu-ray discs something that other standalone blu-ray players cannot do.  It is just a no-brainer, Sony PS3 is our choice.

  3. Superb Graphics
    I was in awe.  When I opened the PS3 and started watching a movie, I was blown away!  The graphics was out of this world!  It was so great that I didn’t even have to adjust anything.  Sony PS3 automatically adjusted to the capability of my TV!
  4. Awesome Games
    Titles like Gran Turismo, Unchartered-Drake’s Fortune, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo, God of War, Ratchet & Clank and a lot more.  You’re definitely in for a treat! 😀
  5. More value for money
    A standalone blu-ray player cost around $200.  Sony Playstation 3 is around $299.  And Sony PS3 is not just a gaming console, it’s a blu-ray player, an entertainment system, great storage for stuff (120GB), it can let you view photos & videos.  You can connect with your friends, the possibilities are endless.  I’m definitely happy with my purchase and if you haven’t bought a PS3, then you’re definitely missing a lot!

Pictures of my purchase (also bought some games and accessories), you can see them here.

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Family Game Night


If there’s one thing that I really love to do as a group, it would be to play board games or any other games we can do for fun.

Since I live alone, I don’t have that chance to have any Family Game Night in my lifetime.  I do wish to have one.  What I do to make it into reality is to have a game night with friends instead.  Friends that I treat as family, which is why I can still call it a Family Game Night.

Family Game Night can do a lot of things.  It can bring people together.  It can bring out competitiveness in everyone.  It also brings out excitement and adrenaline.  Let us not forget the fun factor in the game and the smiles and laughs you get to share with everyone.

Priceless experiences that you get to remember as years gone by.

I miss my mom & aunt who are my only family.  We saw each other last September and went on tour in Taiwan together.  The next time we meet, I’d make sure that we have a Family Game Night.  I’m sure it will be loads of fun!

Thanks to Animetric’s World for making me remember how precious it is to have a Family Game Night!  I do hope I get a chance to get hold of Color Mix Toys & Games so I could finally have a Family Game Night with 2 of the closest people in my life: my family 🙂

HKO: Alba & Her Journey to Level 15

I posted an entry a week ago regarding Hello Kitty Online.  I just registered that day & the week after, my character now reaches level 15!  Wohoo!

Meet Alba, my HKO character.


She’s currently a week old.  Born last August 24, 2009 and has blood type AB.  She’s very jolly and hardworking.

Throughout the week, she has been to Sanrio Harbour & Florapolis.  Learned how to farm, plant, gather & mine.  She has also been hired to do tailoring, forging & cooking.

She acquired a farm too!


Getting to level 15 is not easy to do in HKO.  It’s even easier to level up in World of Warcraft rather than in HKO.  It took me like 7 hours to get from level 14 to 15.  Imagine the total # of  hours I played to reach this milestone 😛

One thing I learned in leveling up is aside from performing the quests, you can also just raise your skills namely:

  • Planting – you do this in your farm.  Put fertilizer first then seed then water it.  
  • Gathering – When you see a tree, that’s where you can gather.  You can also gather stuff from the plants in your farm.
  • Woodcutting
  • Mining

There are 4 profession that your character can do, I don’t think raising this will let you level up but doing this will let you finish some quests.  You’ll need to purchase recipes in order to perform the job, some are given as a reward when you complete a quest.

  • Forging
  • Cooking
  • Tailoring
  • Carpentry

I spent most of the time woodcutting & gathering in order to level up fast.  So that’s the tip I can give to people who want to reach higher levels at the fastest time possible.

Truly a cute game.  I’m excited for it to go out of beta.  Let’s see if they do some improvements.  Hopefully they listened to my suggestions.

My biggest request is for them to make this Mac OS-compatible PLEASE 🙂

Hello Kitty Online


I attended the Hello Kitty Online Bloggers Party at Yaku Restaurant, Podium Mall last August 20, 2009. It was attended by bloggers and organized by Level Up, sponsored by Level Up, Sanrio & Netopia.

Pictures from the event can be found here.

They gave us a demo of the game and also raffled out prizes, I didn’t win but I’m happy to be invited as I’m a BIG fan of hello kitty! So nice that there is an online game that has Sanrio characters. We were all given founders beta passes to try out the game first-hand.

I tried it out early this morning. I initially thought that this will be the same SIMS but apparently, I can compare this with World of Warcaft hehehe. It’s an MMPORG but more on the “cute” side.

First, you’ll create your character, customize it according to your preference. I named my character “Alba” (I just watched Time Traveler’s wife hehe).

Character Creation Screen

Then we’ll explore the world, it’s soooo cute! It’s a truly magical world out there with places like London, Paris, Beijing, New York & Florapolis.

Area Map

And we can also interact with Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Bad Badtz-Maru, Pochacco, many more.

Picture 4

There are just so many things to do in HKO.

  • Farming – allows you to plant, grow & harvest your crops
  • Item Collection & Crafting – allows you to dig ores in mines or gather fruits from trees. You can also gain skills like cooking, tailoring, make furnitures & house building.
  • Pet System – you can own different pets to defeat monsters.
  • Guild System – Guild can also be formed inside HKO. players can choose one of the 6 sanrio characters as their emblem.

So glad that I’m one of the first ones to try out this great cute game! If you want to be part of the first few to try out the game, you can go to this link.

Before I forget, HKO players can also get a free account with Sanriotown ( where they can send emails, post blog entries, share pictures, play mini games and a lot more.

Here are improvement areas that I hope HKO team will address:

  • We can only use our mouse as controls for the game. I really hope we could also use the arrow keys in our keyboards.
  • We can only add our HKO buddies if we’re both offline. I hope that we can add buddies even if they are offline.
  • Can’t zoom in or zoom out 🙁 We have to be very dependent on the mini map in this case. I hope we’d be given that option coz it will ease gameplay a lot.
  • Be able to create more than 1 character.  We’re only allowed to create only one character today.

That’s all for now. Let’s see if I have something more to say in the future when I get to play the game more 🙂