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Books I Read

Books I Read

I read a lot of books but I don’t seem to blog about them.  I’ve written a few reviews but they are mostly because I had the time to write or the authors were my friends. Read More

Baja Mexican Cantina

Baja Mexican Cantina

I try to browse through group buying/discount sites once in a while.  There are some good deals out there and one of them was the Baja Mexican Cantina deal.  I bought one and brought my mom to this place one day. Read More

Mystery Manila – Justice for Jamila

Mystery Manila - Justice for Jamila

There are only a few activities available for friends to do in Metro Manila.  We usually just hang out by eating at a restaurant.  However, there is a new craze here wherein group of friends or family can solve a mystery in a room. Read More

English Only, Please Movie Review

English Only, Please

On our 3rd attempt, we were finally able to watch English Only, Please. My mom and I actually waited for the mall to open then we immediately stormed to the cinema counter so that we are sure to be able to catch the first screening. Read More

Feng Shui 2 Movie Review

Feng Shui 2

We were planning to watch English Only, Please but the next 2 screenings were full and we didn’t wanna wait that long.  Because of that, we settled for Feng Shui 2. Read More