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A Tribute to My Favourite Junk Foods

A Tribute to My Favourite Junk Foods

As I eat my last can of Pringles Original, I feel a bit nostalgic and sentimental.  I knew that it would be my last bite of deliciousness. Read More

Happy 2015!

Life Skills….

Life Skills

While taking a short break, I stumbled upon an article from Buzzfeed. The article listed down all the life skills each of us should have. Since it’s a checklist, I was able to tick off the items that I think I’ve learned.

I have a looooooooooooooooooong way to go but I’m glad that I was able to get hold of this list.  Now, I have something to refer to.  It’s also a perfect time as I’m trying to revamp my bucket list.

Life Skills I Need to Have
Being a perfectionist, I feel uncomfortable tagging a skill as a ‘yes’ if I still have so much things to learn about it. I want to say that I will stop exerting effort in honing that skill if I have exhausted all possibilities in learning it so, you’ll see me tagging some skills as ‘maybe’.

I can sew. YES
I can tie a man’s tie. NO
I can make a meal without a recipe NO
I can build a fire. NO
I can bandage a wound. NO
I can navigate with an IRL map (NOT Google Maps) MAYBE
I can measure a piece of furniture to know if it fits in a space. YES
I can change a tire. NO
I know how to check oil in a car. NO
I know the proper way to fold a fitted sheet. NO
I know how to do laundry. NO
I know how to iron a shirt. NO
I know how to stop a toilet from overflowing. NO
I know how to set up a wireless network. YES
I know how to use excel. MAYBE
I can create a basic website/blog. YES
I know how to craft a resume. YES
I know how to cook eggs at least three different ways. NO
I know how to use chopsticks. YES
I know CPR. NO
I know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver. NO
I know how to calculate a tip. MAYBE
I can do a push-up. NO
I can swim. NO
I can drive. YES
I can ride a bike. NO
I can do basic math in my head. YES
I can do long division on paper. YES
I can keep a plant alive. NO
I can make pasta without under- or overcooking it. YES
I can tie a proper knot. NO
I can open a champagne bottle. NO
I can drive a stick shift. NO
I can use both a Mac and PC. YES
I can parallel park. YES
I know when fruits and vegetables are ripe. NO
I can assemble Ikea furniture by myself. NO
I know what to do if you spill red wine on carpet. NO
I know what to do to remove blood stains. NO
I know how to jump-start a car. NO
I know how to read and understand nutrition labels. NO
I know what to do if I get in a car accident. YES
I know how to budget. YES
I can write letters with few spelling and grammar errors. YES
I can bargain at a flea market. YES
I can carve a turkey or chicken. NO
I know how to operate a fire extinguisher. NO
I can use a sewing machine. NO
I can successfully bake a cake with a recipe. NO
I know how to properly set a table. NO
I can adjust my Facebook privacy settings with ease. YES
I know how to treat a bee sting. NO
I understand what goes in the recycling versus trash. NO
I know how to make a soft-, medium-, and hard-boiled egg. NO
I know how to back up my information. NO
I know how to update my phone. YES
I understand how to manage/store my music and photos. YES
I know how to use an electric drill. NO
I know how to hang a picture. YES
I can install something – like a shelf or curtain hooks – into the wall. NO
I can braid hair. YES
I can throw a football. NO
I can set up a barbecue fire. NO
I can cook meat to a desired level (rare, well-done, etc). NO
I know how to make a mixed drink. NO
I can do my taxes. NO
I can change a diaper. NO
I understand how to throw a punch. NO
I can actually throw a punch. NO
I can negotiate a raise. YES
I can figure out which direction points north without a compass. NO
I can navigate the subway without having to ask for help. NO
I know how to send someone a large file. YES
I know how to use Twitter. YES
I understand what a 401(k) is. NO
I understand how the stock market works. MAYBE
I understand the terms of my health insurance program. NO
I know what an abnormal mole might look like. NO
I can change a lightbulb. YES
I can read a text and recall the most important details. YES
I can do a pretty decent dive into a pool. NO
I can ski. NO
I can recognize (but not necessarily speak) languages like Spanish, French, German, and Italian. NO
I know how to clean filters in my vacuum. NO
I can replace a vacuum belt. NO
I know how to paint a room. NO
If named a state in the US, I could describe where it is. NO
If named a country in Europe, I could describe where it is. NO
I could draw a basic map of the world. NO
I know how to play sudoku. YES
I know how to polish silver. NO
I know how to eat a lobster. YES
I can fix a leaky faucet. NO
I know how to use the internet – beyond Google – for finding things. YES
I am good at finding exactly what I’m looking for online. YES
I can wrap a gift (and it won’t look like someone with no fingers wrapped it). MAYBE
I have been able to get around in a foreign country by myself with ease. NO
I can remove a splinter. NO
I know how to properly clean (the exterior) of my computer and electronic devices. NO
I understand how a mortgage works. NO

Plans to Learn the Skills I Haven’t Acquired
I already have a ready list of things I plan to achieve in 2014. Most of the items in this skills list are not part of it. However, I think I can squeeze in a few so that I can tick off some of the items

  • Year 2014 – tie a man’s tie, navigate with a IRL map, fold a fitted sheet, iron a shirt, master excel, cook eggs in 3 ways, calculate a tip, know when fruits & vegetables are ripe, bake cake with recipe, properly set a table, recycle versus trash, how to make soft, medium, hard-boiled egg, know what an abnormal mole looks like, clean filters in vacuum, replace vacuum belt, properly clean computer & electronic devices.
  • Year 2015 – meal without a recipe, bandage a wound, change a tire, check oil in a car, do laundry, push up, keep plant alive, proper knot, open champagne bottle, cook meat at a desired level (Rare, well-done, etc), learn stock market, understand health insurance program, back up data.
  • Year 2016 and beyond – build a fire, stop toilet from overflowing, CPR, heimlich maneuver, swim, can dive into a pool, ride a bike, drive stick shift, assemble IKEA furniture, clean spilled red wine on carpet, remove blood stains, jump start car, read & understand nutrition label, carve turkey/chicken, operate fire extinguisher, use sewing machine, treat bee sting, use electric drill, install shelf or curtain hooks on the wall, throw football, set up barbecue fire, make a mixed drink, do taxes, change diaper, how to throw a punch, can throw a punch, know direction points without compass, navigate subway without asking for help, understand 401(k), ski, recognize languages like Spanish, French, German, & Italian, know how to paint a room, name a state in US and describe where it is, name a country in Europe & describe where it is, draw a basic map of the world, polish silver, fix leaky faucet, get around foreign country on my own with ease, remove a splinter, understand how mortgage works.

Boy, after reviewing the list, I realized that I need to work on a lot of things (wahh! I only have 30 out of 100 skills!!).  I felt I wasted so much time during my youth.  I should have used the time to learn some of the skills in this list.  Anyway, I won’t let my age control me, hahahaha!  I’ll work on this one – one skill at a time.

How about you?  Mind to share your result? 🙂

Strengthening my Spiritual Journey

Life Study of the Bible

I have been a Christian for over a year now.  However, if you ask me any verses from the Bible, I can’t even mention a single one.  I haven’t even read one-fourth of the whole book.  I feel ashamed.  I did try to read once in a while but I never really followed through.

In the past week, while I was nursing myself at my home, I reflected on a lot of things.  I realised I need to realign my priorities and fix them.  What is really important to me?  Is it my career? my health? my family? my gadgets? my blog? my spiritual journey? my friends?

It dawned on me.  It’s not really about me or anyone but about our God, our Lord..

While it has been over a year, I’m still a baby Christian.  I love the Lord, I believe in Him, I have faith in Him but I don’t do much to know Him more and to include Him in my daily life.

So today, I started to read His word through the Bible.  It has always been a struggle for me to understand the stories inside the book.  I feel that the words used in the Bible are just too deep & hard for laymen to understand. If I push myself to just read it, I think I won’t be able to absorb anything.  The only way for me to be effective in this journey is to read through a life study of the Bible.  The church I’m in has excellent resources available online.

I went to and signed myself up for a scheduled daily read.  It will take me almost 6 years to finish but hey, spending time with the Lord is the most fulfilling thing in the whole wide world!

Life Study of the Bible

There are a bunch of chapters in every Life study Book.  I started with Life Study of Genesis today and I intend to continue this study.  I hope and pray that I will be able to sustain it this time.  Please pray for me!

Life Study Genesis iBooks

The Life study books are also available via iSilo, Kindle or iBooks.  Since I’m always online, I opted to use the free resource available in the ministry website 🙂

Living Stream Ministries ePub Books

I started the day so well that I was able to enjoy the rest of my Sunday!  I’m loving this habit already.

Life Study of the Bible Finished Day 1

P.S. Thanks sioti Mark for the wonderful doodle!

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Wishful Thinking in 2013

Wishful Thinking in 2013

Happy New Year!

What a year that was!  In my case, 2012 was a difficult one and I’m really looking forward to 2013 because mishaps won’t happen in two consecutive years.  I know all the hardships I went through in 2012 will be replaced by blessings & fortune in 2013.

I’ve been through multiple accidents last year and I have scars that might take years to heal.  The trauma that I got after the truck accident was too strong that I refuse to drive sometimes and would rather stay home.  But you know what?  Even after all the things that transpired last 2012, there was one thing that I felt — gratitude.  There were friends who were willing to help when I needed them.  I never felt alone in any of the challenges that I went through.

I owe everything to the Lord who I accepted last January 2012!  Everything just seems to fall in place knowing that He is there for us! 🙂

Wish Granted in Year 2012

I started a wish list last year.  I wanted to make it a tradition so I’m writing another one today.

Was I able to achieve any of the items I wished for in 2012?  Oh yes, I did! 🙂
Roch Granted Wishes 2012

  • iPhone 5 – As planned, I got myself an iPhone 5 from the better network in the Philippines, Smart Communications.   The upgrade was super worth it considering that I came from an iPhone 3GS.  The iPhone 5 is thinner, has bigger screen, better phone design, faster response and most of all, it was the project that my idol, Steve Jobs, last participated in.  I got myself some wonderful accessories (Speck PixelSkin HD case & Simplism Crystal Cover Set) with it too!
  • iPad 3rd Generation – This was listed as a wish in 2012.  However, I bought the iPad impulsively at the same day that I watched Drum Tao.  While I was pretty disappointed with Apple releasing a 4th generation iPad six months after they released the 3rd generation, I still consider the iPad as my best gadget purchase for the year!  I even launched a website called iPadPinas to show my love for the iPad.

Year 2013 Wish List

A lot of things have definitely changed.  There are several items in my 2012 wish list that I don’t seem to aspire anymore. Some people say that all things are possible.  However, I know my limitations.  I know that even in my wildest dreams, I won’t be able to buy any Tiffany & Co. jewelries or Rolex watches.  Why would I continue to list them out here?  Even if in the future, I’ll have enough, I do not think I’ll have the willpower to spend that kind of amount for a jewelry.  It’s just not my style.

This time around, I’ll be listing down all the items that I wish to purchase this year.  I’m not sure if I can buy them all in 2013 considering the financial challenges I have at the moment.  However, I hope to achieve most of them.  Let’s see.

  • Tempur Cloud Mattress 25 – Queen Size

Tempur Cloud Mattress 25

This is my dream mattress and I wish to finally own this in year 2013.  I super hope I can achieve this as I’m having a hard time sleeping with my current bed setup.  We spend one-third of our day in sleeping.  I believe that we should invest in good mattresses like what Tempur has.

  • The Tempur-Fit Mattress Protector

Tempur Fit Sheet

Since this is available, I would want this as well.  It serves as an extra protection to the expensive mattress.

Here’s the official description:

The waterproof and breathable fitted sheet consists of natural fibres which breathe with the body, rapidly absorb damp and then release it into the atmosphere, and so preserving the level of body heat. The intelligent membrane which prevents your mattress from getting wet is the thinnest on the market. This helps preserve the comfort of your mattress.

A good solution to keep your mattress as clean and hygienic as it were on the first day.

  • 2 pieces Tempur Original Pillow – Queen Large

Tempur Original Pillow

Two pillows to match the Tempur Queen-sized mattress.  I can literally imagine myself using this in my sleep!

  • Sleep Mask by Tempur

Tempur Sleep Mask

I read in an article that we will be able to get better sleep if there are no lights at all.  A Sleep mask will fit this need.

  • DeLonghi Icona Series – Red

Kettle: Icona KBO 2001.R

DeLonghi Kettle

Toaster: Icona CTO 4003.R

DeLonghi Toaster

Coffee Maker: Icona ECO 310.R

DeLonghi Coffee Maker

As soon as I saw the products on display in an appliance store, I knew that I will have them in my kitchen.  I couldn’t get them off my mind.  One day, I’ll have them.  One day…

** Photos from Manufacturer’s websites **

Other items that I wish to buy in the future are a 27-in iMac, Magic Trackpad, Apple TV, Louis Vuitton wallet and bag, Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED, Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR DX ($389), Nikon SB-910 ($ 550), Nikon EN-EL15 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for Nikon D7000 ($72), Tempur Travel Set, a Sony Playstation w/ Dualshock controllers, move motion controller, wireless keypad and a Sony 55-inch LED 3D TV.

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