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High School Batch Reunion

Sakya Batch 94 Reunion

Never have I imagined that me and my high school batchmates will ever meet again.  It was just over a month ago when one of my HS classmates, Stanley, created a Facebook group for us.  We were from the Chinese school, Philippine Academy of Sakya, in Masangkay street and we all graduated on the year of 1994.

After 17 long years, through the newly created Facebook group, we were able to catch up with each other.  Through that same venue, we organized our high school reunion!  There are about 70+ people in our batch.  About 20 of us attended the reunion in Quezon City.  Michelle was kind enough to go through all the hassle to organize this much-needed gathering.

Honestly, I thought that we might be seeing some separation as there are several groups inside our batch.  That couldn’t be prevented as you really have selected close friends.  I remember that the 1st reunion attempt wasn’t enjoyable as there were no unity, you can see the separation of classmates via their cliques.  It felt like you were all in the same place but you weren’t really there for the batch reunion.

But the reunion last saturday was totally a different experience!  I don’t know how to describe it but it was FUN!!!!  No separation, no cliques, just pure catching up, genuine concern for fellow classmates, super reminiscing!  It was the best reunion ever and I cannot wait for this to happen again soon!

We started out having our dinner at King Chef.

king chef food

Boy, my classmates couldn’t stop gossiping and I was trying so hard to eavesdrop as I sat on the opposite side of the table.  I quickly finished my meal though the food was excellent!  I immediately sat where most of my classmates were so I can join in the discussion.

Our reunion started 7PM and we left the restaurant a ‘lil after midnight.  It was pure fun!  Thank you to my batchmates for a wonderful reunion and thank you for the memories.  I soooooo look forward for our next reunion and hopefully, more classmates can go! 🙂

sakya 94 group picture

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B*witchy Girls & Friends Give Back at My Father’s House

Whenever I go to an outreach that involves helping people especially kids, it makes my heart melt.  The last time I went to such activity was at Sitio Maislap.  We were there to help several families but it was the kids who really caught my attention.

Last saturday, I joined several colleagues to visit the kids at My Father’s House.

My Father’s House is a non-profit child-caring organization created by Benny Hinn Ministries.  They are there to serve abandoned, neglected & orphaned children providing them an environment where they learn to love and be loved.  They also teach the kids Godly values.

Here are their objectives based on the pamphlet I got:

  1. Introduce each child to Jesus Christ with the hope that they come to know Him as Lord & Savior of their lives through the promotion of discipline & obedience under God’s love and principle.
  2. Provide programs and services to develop self-sufficiency & independency.
  3. Place children in loving, stable Christian homes for their protection and security.
  4. Implement holistic programs that will empower children & youth.

I really feel sad that parents would abandon their kids.  I mean if they cannot support a child then they shouldn’t make one!  Makes me really angry just thinking about that.  I know how it feels to be abandoned so meeting the kids really is something and I empathize with them.

My colleagues organized this very well.  We had activities all planned out for that day.

First up was registration.  The kids get their name tags so everyone of us would recognize them by name & face.  Their age was also written there.

name plates mfh

The program then started.  The kids were so enthusiastic!  They love to sing and dance!  They’re soooooooooo cute!

kids dancing mfh

We then divided the kids by their age group.

They are truly talented.  See the cute artwork they’ve done?

kids art work mfh

They had skits too.  They created the costumes themselves!

kids skit mfh

Coloring session for the ‘lil ones.  Some of them even put feathers on the wings part, sooo awesome!

kids coloring mfh

The ates and kuyas acted out a story for the kids.

story telling mfh

I’m thankful that Julie tagged me along.  Kudos to the B*witchy Girls for organizing such activity and inviting us colleagues to be a part of a wonderful cause.  Keep doing what you’re doing girls 🙂

b*witchy girls with mfh

The kids were so loving and affectionate to all of us.  I’m not really the type who knows how to act around kids but they welcomed us with open arms.  I can feel that they definitely grew in a good environment.  This was definitely one of the memorable moments in my life.

Roch with the MFH kids

There are lots of ways to help the kids at My Father’s House.  You can be a life coach, a volunteer and a partner.  You can also make a donation or visit the kids like we did last weekend.  Just inquire at My Father’s house (their contact details are wirtten below).

My Father’s House
#135 Ramona Tirona Street corner T. Sison., BF East Phase VI, Las Pinas, 1751 Philippines
(02) 772-4844

P.S.  There’s a concert coming up for the benefit of the kids at My Father’s House.  It’s called Unity in Rhythm and it features Christian Bautista and Karylle.  It will be held at Insular Life Corporate Centre Auditorium, Filinvest City on March 29, 7:00 PM.  For tickets & inquiries, contact Kate at (0915) 804-8042.

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Habitat for Humanity Bloggers Build

Habitat for Humanity Bloggers Build

Last week, I woke up early in the morning and met up with fellow bloggers to be a part of Habitat for Humanity Bloggers Build.  This was one event I was most excited about.  Being able to be a part of something that would help fellow Filipinos plus having the opportunity to share this through my writing is truly fulfilling.

We were brought to Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ Pasig City Urban Renewal Project site.  One building was finished while the other one was still under construction.  I was excited!

pasig project

We listened to the talk of the people behind Habitat for Humanity Philippines first to understand what the organization is and what its goals are.  Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) is a non-profit organization whose main advocacy is to provide dignified shelter for the community.  In the Philippines, we have a deficit of 4 million houses.  HFHP wants to make a difference in that aspect.  How?  Through 3 things:

  • BUILD affordable, decent, and durable homes
  • CREATE responsible communities
  • SUSTAIN impacts by empowering individuals

habitat for humanity presentation

HFHP is one of the 90 countries affiliated with Habitat for Humanity International based in the USA.  Established in 1988, HFHP has already served 34,600 families, 174 communities built, 308 school classrooms and community centers completed.  Their current projects include: BayaniJuan sa Southville 7 (Brgy. Dayap, Calauan, Laguna), Karisma Ville (Brgy. Panghulo, Malabon City) & Pasig City Urban Renewal Project – Brgy. Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City (this was the one we visited).

It’s not just HFHP or their members who can help, you can help too!

  • volunteer to build homes alongside HFHP homepartners in need.
  • sponsor a house or donate construction materials.
  • sponsor a full shelter kit for disaster victims.
  • become a foundation member.

The bloggers, including myself, were able to be part of the construction work that day.  It was truly fun and heartwarming too!  2 hours of hardwork was all worth it, I didn’t feel how tired I was.  I was smiling all throughout and was really giddy hahaha!  Just the thought of knowing what this project will ultimately do for many families, I couldn’t contain my happiness.  If you or your friends wanna do the build, sponsor a house or become a member of Habitat for Humanity Philippines, you can contact them, I posted their contact details at the end of this post 🙂

In the build, we were doing the same tasks as the construction workers.

  • The 1st thing I tried was putting together those steel bars by connecting them with a wire.  It was hard, I was watching them demo the task 3 times before I finally got it.  The wires also gets entangled with our gloves, it makes it a bit harder too.

bloggers build task 1

  • 2nd was passing around the wet sand and empty pails.  Since the wet sand was heavy, it makes more sense for 3-5 people passing it around like a ‘bayanihan’ rather than have one person bring it by walking through underconstruction land.  The task is definitely completed faster with less effort, very efficient.

bloggers build task 2

  • Lastly, making hollow blocks.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to make one.  I enjoyed this task too much that I was able to make 5 hollow blocks in less than 30 minutes.

bloggers build task 3

I now appreciate even more the hard work of our construction workers.  It is definitely not an easy job, imagine doing many of those tasks for 6 days a week, 8 hours a day.  That’s hard work, literally.

After lunch, we were able to meet one of the beneficiaries of Habitat for Humanity Pasig Project.  A very cute father and son.  The kid was posing while I was taking pictures of him, sooooooo adorable!  The father is working as a messenger while his wife is working as a sweeper.  They were chosen as one of the families who’ll own a unit at the Pasig site.  With such opportunity, the family will need to pay Php 1,500 per month for 5 years and will pay about Php 2500 per month for the next 5 years, an even higher fee per month for the next 5 more yearts.  It will take them 15 years before they can finally own it.   It’s not for free but those families are given opportunity to own a decent home.  Soon, Habitat for Humanity Philippines will also establish livelihood programs for those who need resources to survive.

habitat for humanity beneficiary

What a day!  I was feeling good the whole day just because I was part of the HFHP Bloggers Build.  I hope I was able to help in a way by participating 🙂  It’s just amazing that each and every block you create is going towards something that will ultimately help many families.  And at the end of the day, it is what we do for our fellow men, and our fellow Filipinos that will tell us just how successful and how much a blessing we have been in our lives.  I am extremely thankful for this experience.

This is us, see the happy faces?  Hope you can also take part too.  Do contact Habitat for Humanity Philippines and help create a world where everyone has a decent place to live in 😀

bloggers for habitat for humanity

Habitat for Humanity Philippines
Unit 26A, 26th Floor, PET Plans Tower, #44 EDSA Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City, Philippines
(02) 897-3069

P&G Christmas Basket 2010

P&G Christmas Basket 2010

The 1st Friday of December will always be a happy day for P&G employees that are based in the Philippines.  This past Friday was truly exciting seeing all those gifts from the company that I work for.  Christmas is a day that we celebrate as our Lord Jesus Christ was born on that day, and oftentimes we also organize intimate parties with families and exchange gifts.

To be honest, for the past few years that I have received P&G Christmas baskets, I haven’t really enjoyed it much.  I’ve been far away from my loved ones such that Christmas day has just been a normal day for me.  This year, however, is different!

My mom and my fiance will be spending Christmas & New Year with me!  So as soon as I got my share of P&G Christmas Basket, I was totally ecstatic!  It’s funny too to see my mom’s reaction!  It felt like we won a grocery getaway hahaha!  I think when you’re blessed with so many things, receiving a basket from a great company, this time of year, is  truly an added bonus.

The contents are pretty much the same as what we had for the past 5 years.  I started this blog just 2008 so I was only able to document 2008 & 2009‘s version of christmas baskets.

We have the usual ham.  Coincidentally, I had my share of CDO’s Holiday Ham from an event I recently attended.  It was truly delicious so I was glad it was picked as one of two ham giveaways 😀  And I honestly do not mind getting ham for the holiday season since it’s really one of those foods that is so delicious and easy to prepare.  And like I wrote a few days back, there’s really so much you can do with ham!

christmas ham 2010

And of course, how could P&G products ever be absent from their very own Christmas basket giveaway, that certainly will never ever happen.  And when you scroll down at all those P&G products, you will truly just be blown away at just how much they give us during the holiday season.  Multiply what I get by all our employees here in the Philippines, and you can just imagine how much they are giving away!  It’s really a lot!

P&G products 2010

They also had groceries for our Noche Buena (I noticed several Kraft products in the basket too).  Reminds me to start whipping up miracles through the miracle machine.  It truly is a great variety of products that they have given.  You can make some spaghetti, a variety of beverages including coffee, orange juice, hot chocolate, and even champagne!

They didn’t stop at just that, we were also sent an email with recipes for us to use.  Oh so complete!  Groceries, some ham and recipes for our Christmas meal!

grocery 2010

This is most probably my last P&G Christmas Basket as I get ready for the next chapter of my life.  And I’ve never truly enjoyed the P&G Christmas Basket like I have this year.  There really is something to be said about having a great and wonderful life, such that when you receive something like this, you feel truly lucky to even have received it at all…

And so, it was a happy day! 😀

Thanks P&G for giving thought to your employees, and a Happy Holidays to everyone!

A Birthday to Remember

Roch with Flowers

Last year, my birthday was a great one considering I had 2 parties.  One organized by my yaya Lucy & another one organized by my close colleagues 🙂

This year, it was a bit more special but more intimate.  I felt as if my birthday went on for 3 days as I got overwhelming # of greetings in my facebook account.  I answered each & every message as all of them touched my heart.  Thanks to my friends who greeted me in Facebook, Twitter, Plurk & Text.  Though it may have just been 5 words long of virtual greetings, they really meant a lot to me.  It made my day more special than ever..

My day started with Lucy greeting me a happy birthday.  She informed me that someone delivered flowers at 6AM and it was from Nick, it was so sweet.  Lucy, on the other hand, cooked spaghetti & chicken for breakfast.  She knows I’ve always loved her spaghetti, home-cooked ones are still the best.

I then headed on out as Jo organized for us to meet for brunch at her house.  The plan was to watch DVD while eating.  We did as such and we watched “The Back-up Plan“.  We ordered Shakey’s for delivery and had a great bonding session for 2 hours.  Within that time span, I got a call from my mom and auntie!  I really felt my day was already complete..

Roch with colleagues

After lunch, we drove to the office and started our working day.  I, however, got another surprise from Nick at work.  He sent me another bouquet of roses, this time 2 dozen with a lil teddy bear!  I was shocked coz I thought that the bouquet he sent in the morning was already his gift for my birthday.  But then, the surprise didn’t end there.

When I got home, Lucy told me that I got another bouquet of roses waiting for me at home.  I was like, what???  Another bouquet of roses from Nick!!  I was just in shock!  Though Nick is a million miles away, he really made his presence felt.  I felt so blessed 🙂

I thought that my day already ended and all there was to do was to rest & watch TV.  But, Nick’s cousin dropped by my house and left a yummy chocolate cake & another gift from Nick (he sent me a gift already last monday).  I was like, wow!  At that same time, I was actually talking to him on the internet as he took the morning off so he could spend my birthday with me even just via online.  It was a great day & I was just so happy! 😀

The next day, Christina & I had lunch at Dad’s/Saisaki/Kamayan, we availed of their Dad’s ultimate buffet.  The food was okay but the company was great!  Christina has been my best friend since elementary, we updated each other with our lives while we ate at the buffet.  So nice to have spent post birthday with a dear dear friend..  this was Saturday..

Roch with BFF

On Sunday, I had dinner with another best friend of mine, Sharleen.  Sharleen was my close friend from college.  Her husband, Francis, is a very very nice guy too.  I actually feel like they’re my (mom and dad)/friends hahahaha!  They treated me to Crustasia as they know it’s one of my favorite restaurants.  They are both busy people so we didn’t stay long but I really appreciate the time they allotted just to celebrate my birthday with me 🙂

Roch with Shar & Francis

My birthday might not be as extravagant as how others celebrate but just knowing that the people I care about do remember it, I’m already satisfied & very happy..  Thanks again to everyone!

These are the sets of online photo albums for my 33rd happy birthday weekend celebration: