Samsung 32” LA32A550P1F Series 5 HD LCD TV

Samsung LN40A550P

The Sony Trinitron and the Sanyo TV in our house failed on us already. Both TVs has their picture tubes broken. Since watching TV is part of my everyday life, I’ll need to purchase a new television.

Since LCD TVs are very popular these days, I felt that buying another CRT TV is just a waste of money. So I decided to get LCD TV for myself.

1st thing I thought of is the size of the TV… I went for 32″ (not too small and not too big).

2nd thing is the brand.. the most popular one is Sony… then one time, I saw the LG scarlet on one of the malls, I was like… wow this looks soooo nice!! Then I went to search for review for the product and was sad to see bad reviews… I searched for 32″ LCD TVs with good reviews, that’s where I decided to get the Samsung 🙂

3rd thing is where to buy…. I went to Anson’s, Abenson’s, Western, Automatic Center, Theaterworks, etc.. The price apparently is Php 59,900.00 except for Theaterworks which has the price of Php 51,000.00. I initially thought that Theaterworks is closing so they are selling the TVs at that price. I was about to get it already today. When I went to another shop, I learned that Theaterworks is not recognized by Samsung (I didn’t bother checking anymore). So just in case I need to repair my TV, Samsung won’t recognize and repair it. According to my source, theaterworks got those TVs directly from Hongkong (grey market). So it’s not safe for people to buy from them. I was worried and informed Theaterworks that I’m not getting the unit from them anymore and told them I got a better deal. I decided to buy the TV from a well-known appliances shop.


I was really amazed on how big the TV is… I was so used to watching 21″ TVs that I felt that the 32″ TV is too big for me hehehe 😛

I also bought a Home Theater (Samsung HT-Z210) for Php 5,000.00


Here’s my current setup:


Setting up the TV was a pain .. literally… it took me 10 hours just to finish setting it up. The shop advised me to just ask a samsung personnel to come over at my house to do it as ALL their customers does that… I just can’t wait anymore so I decided to just go through the manual and the samsung website just to get information on how to set it up correctly.

So here are what I learned so you won’t commit the same mistakes I did:
How to perform a factory reset

      1. With the TV on, press the Exit button for 10 seconds
      2. Factory Reset screen warning message will come up.
      3. If you want to continue reset (you will lose all changed settings), click OK. Otherwise, click cancel.
      4. After the TV completes the factory reset, it will automatically power itself off.
      5. The next time you open your TV, the plug and play screen will come up.

      Automatic tuning to search for available channels (just remember to put America as your region – DON’T put Asia, it will not work!!!)

      After I finish tuning the TV, I organized all my channels so it will be easy for me to change channels, so here’s my channel lineup:

      0 – Zoe (5)
      1 – NBN 4 (6)
      2 – Abs-Cbn (8)
      3 – ABC 5 (10)
      4 – Sky Sked (11)
      5 – Gma 7 (12)
      6 – Shop TV (13)
      7 – crime/suspense (14)
      8 – IBC 13 (15)
      9 – ETC (16)
      10 – Studio 23 (17)
      11 – Net 25 (18)
      12 – 2nd Ave (19)
      13 – Gem TV (20)
      14 – UNTV (21)
      15 – INC (22)
      16 – Myx (23)
      17 – Qtv (24)
      18 – Platinum Preview (25)
      19 – Teleradyo (26)
      20 – ANC (27)
      21 – CNN (28)
      22 – BBC World (29)
      23 – Bloomberg (30)
      24 – ESPN (31)
      25 – Star Sports (32)
      26 – My Sky (33)
      27 – Balls (34)
      28 – AXN Beyond (35)
      29 – National Geographic (41)
      30 – Knowledge Channel (42)
      31 – Cartoon Network (43)
      32 – Hero TV (44)
      33 – Nickelodeon (45)
      34 – Animax (46)
      35 – Disney Channel (47)
      36 – Star World (48)
      37 – AXN (49)
      38 – Fox Crime (50)
      39 – Maxx (51)
      40 – Lifestyle Network (52)
      41 – Velvet (53)
      42 – HBO (54)
      43 – Star Movies (55)
      44 – Cinema One (56)
      45 – MTV (57)
      46 – Asian Food Channel (58)
      47 – TCT Network (59)
      48 – EWTN (60)
      49 – Da-Ai (61)
      50 – CEC (62)
      51 – GxTV (63)
      52 – Cube TV (67)
      53 – C-Span Worldnet (71)
      54 – Deutsche Welle (72)
      55 – TV Espanol (73)
      56 – TV5 France (74)
      57 – KBS (75)
      58 – Makisig (76)
      59 – Saudi 1 (77)
      60 – NHK (78)
      61 – Channel News Asia (79)
      62 – Makisig (82)
      63 – ACQ-KBN 39 (95)
      64 – 3 ABN 45 (96)
      65 – Living Asia (99)

      Overall, I’m pleased but I can’t seem to make good use of the features of this amazing TV as our cable is still analog and I don’t have a PS3 hehehe 😛

      iPhone Screenshots using firmware 2.x

      When I was still using the old firmware, I have to download a 3rd party program in order to take screenshots of the iPhone.

      Now, with firmware 2.0… No need to download any application as it is already built in! wohooo!

      So here’s how:

      1. Hold down Home Button.
      2. Quickly press Sleep/Wake Button while you’re still doing Step # 1.
      3. The screen will flash.
      4. You’ll see your screenshot image in your camera roll.
      5. Now you can already use that image to send via email-mobileme gallery, set as your wallpaper & assign the image to a contact.

      Cool isn’t it?

      How to Restore & Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

      Just some helpful tips for iPhone users like me

      1. Open iTunes & Connect your iPhone to your Mac/PC.
      2. Press & Hold Sleep/Wake Button & Home Button at the same time
      3. Release Sleep/Wake Button as soon as the iPhone screen goes blank.
      4. Continue pressing the Home Button until iTunes prompt you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.
      5. in iTunes, click Restore

      6. Click Restore & Update

      7. iTunes will now restore & update your iPhone

      8. iTunes will let you know once it’s done, just click OK.

      9. you’re done

      Globe announces iPhone3G Plans

      Everyone has been anticipating on what kind of plans Globe will come up with the most-awaited Apple iPhone 3G.

      Now, it’s here… I’m kinda expecting that Globe will take advantage of this and will really make this expensive for us. Well, turned out to be true.

      Here are just some details:

      • Pre-Paid – Php41,899 (8GB), Php 48,899 (16GB)
      • GText (500) – Php29,000 (8GB), Php 34,500 (16GB)
      • GMix (800) – Php25,700 (8GB), Php 31,100 (16GB)
      • GTalk (1,200) – Php23,800 (8GB), Php29,300 (16GB)
      • GTalk Plus (1,800) – Php22,000 (8GB), Php27,500 (16GB)
      • GMatch (2,500) – Php20,000 (8GB), Php25,500 (16GB)
      • Plan 1599 – Php16,800 (8GB), Php22,300 (16GB)
      • Plan 2199 – Php14,600 (8GB), Php20,000 (16GB)
      • Plan 3299 – Php12,300 (8GB), Php17,800 (16GB)
      • Plan 3999 – Php5,600 (8GB), Php11,000 (16GB)
      • Plan 4999 – FREE (8GB), Php5,500 (16GB)

      You can get more information here.

      Good for me as I already have a 1st generation iPhone and I don’t need or even want to upgrade as we can also have the firmware 2.0 anyway.

      I felt that Apple should not have announced that they are bringing down the price to $199 in order for other people to experience this beautiful gadget. It’s just misleading.

      Anyhow, I feel a lot of people will still grab the opportunity and get a new iPhone via Globe.

      Hey, it’s still worth it. I love my iPhone 🙂

      Steak MD

      Steak MD

      Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
      It has been an extremely stressful day at work… so recently, I’ve been eating out… just to be able to get some comfort food.

      Today, me and my carpool mate Anna ate at Steak MD Banawe Branch.

      Obviously, the specialty is steak ehehehe

      This restaurant has a distinct style. When you want to order for a steak, you will need to follow the steps:

      • Choose your Steak (T-Bone or Porter House)

      • Choose your Size (Regular Cut or Steak for the Big Boys)
      • Choose your Sauce (Rub ko to, Heart Rub, Atomic Rub, Build Me Up Butter Rub or Ang Charub)

      • Choose how you wanted the Steak to be cooked (Rare, Mid-Rare, Mid-Well or Well-Done.

      I ordered the Regular Cut Porter House with Garlic Sauce (Heart Rub) – Php225 which I think is very expensive. We are served w/ free soup. And they are also very generous with Gravy (they gave me extra sauce). Apart from that, the taste is just normal nothing really special.

      Anna ordered the BBQ Chicken (Php 105) & Mashed Potato (Php 35). I wasn’t able to taste it so I don’t know if this one is good. According to Anna, it’s also just normal.

      I don’t think I’ll be going back for awhile since they already raised prices (used to be just about Php 150). The price is really not that worth it now.