Hancock Movie Review

Aside from shopping, I also watched a movie today. The only thing that didn’t go as planned is the TV stand (I didn’t get to buy it).  The movie we watched is Hancock.


Since Dark Knight got so much hype, I didn’t notice the movie Hancock. But since I wanted to treat my yaya to a movie, then I now have a chance to watch Hancock.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that Charlize is part of the movie. It’s just sad that she and Jason Bateman didn’t get enough credit on the movie.

Anyway, I love this movie. There are quite a few scenes where I shed some tears. One scene that I can remember that I cried is when Hancock finally got the people’s gratitude. I really don’t know I just realized that I can relate to Hancock, maybe I really do feel lonely for the past 5 years of my life. And I feel that I’m always misunderstood and unappreciated just like Hancock. hehehe well enough about me.
Back to my review of this movie hehehe.

I really love how they showed Ray character as the one understanding Hancock and changed his image to the people. I really just hope there are people like Ray’s character in real life. Coz I think there’s none like that anymore.

There are several values that were shown here:

  • humility – I love Ray’s character. Such a selfless, good hearted person. I love how he taught hancock and helped change his bad public image.
  • generosity – This is Hancock. he’s technically a superhero. And doesn’t want anything in return.
  • love – Both Hancock & Mary sacrificed themselves for love. Mary walked away from Hancock to save his life 80 years ago. While Hancock walked away as well and went to new york city for Mary to be able to recover from the gun shot.
  • gratitude – Ray & Hancock. Since Hancock saved Ray from the train, Ray showed his gratitude by helping Hancock change his image to a good one, he also saved Hancock from getting killed by Red. Hancock on the other hand, showed his gratitude by painting the moon with the all heart logo (sweet!)

I give this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. 🙂

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New Celine Shoes

Today, we went to megamall to watch a movie & shop for a new TV stand.

I ended up buying shoes instead hahaaha.

I did this because while walking in the mall, I saw this BIG sign downstairs saying “Further Reduction” then I realized it’s the CELINE shop.  So I said, this is the sign I’m going to buy shoes!!!

So we went downstairs, the promo is whenever you buy a pair of shoes, you’ll get the 2nd pair at half the price.  So I said to myself, I’ll definitely get 2 pairs of shoes.

So here they are:

This one I really dont like that much but since I’ll be getting it at Php200 why not? hehehe 🙂

This one I felt is very expensive (Php700) but since I cannot see any more better design, I still got it.

People think I have good fashion sense… I do believe though that I have a flaw… I don’t know how to choose shoes… and I seem to struggle a lot when it comes to matching clothes with shoes.

What do you think of the shoes that I bought today?