Recipe: Pancake Muffins

Pancake Muffins Recipe

I got a couple of pancake mixes at home.  One day, I was a bit experimental and wanted to try something new.  I didn’t want to just create normal pancakes but something interesting to eat and enjoy.  Thus, I was glad to see a recipe online that is both yummy to look at and easy to recreate:  The Pancake Muffins! Read More

Recipe: Bok Choy Guisado

Bok Choy Guisado Recipe

To my goal of complicating the dishes that I cook, I chose the Bok Choy Guisado with Pork and Shrimp this time.  I know the cooking method is still very easy. However, the Bok Choy Guisado that I cooked before is just plain Bok Choy.  So with the addition of ingredients, it’s still considered levelling up, hehehe! Read More

iRegalo Launches Healthcare Packages

iRegalo Healthcare Packages

I’m slowly going back to the blogging scene and one of the first events that I went to is for iRegalo.  iRegalo has just launched a new set of health packages aimed to help overseas filipino workers in ensuring their beloved family’s well being despite being far away from them. Read More

Recipe: Instant Korean Ramen

Instant Korean Ramen

For today, I’ll be sharing one of my guilty pleasures, the Korean Ramen.  I usually have Korean Ramen cooked at home whenever I’m sick.  The reason for this is I just can’t get myself to prepare anything if I’m feeling weak.  Though it’s quite ironic that instant ramen os unhealthy, I still cook Korean Ramen when I’m under the weather.  Maybe, I’ll find something else easy to cook the next time I get sick.  But right now, Korean Ramen is still my go-to food. Read More

Recipe: Tortang Talong

Tortang Talong Recipe

Since it’s good friday, I’m sharing an all-vegetable recipe.  Tortang Talong is the dish I always cook whenever I don’t have time to think or if I’m in a rush.  Even if there are only four ingredients, the taste is still superb.  Plus, we can be full already with just 1-2 pieces of tortang talong coupled with plain rice.

I can eat Tortang Talong everyday and i won’t be complaining! 🙂 Read More